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Build a Recognizable Brand Through Graphic Design

Back40 can help you develop a strong brand through our graphic design services – whether you need a brand consultant, brand strategy, a logo created, or print materials designed.

Your brand is more than a logo. It’s every interaction your audience has with your business. Professionally crafted branding can create a lasting response. It should establish your unique position within your industry. Branding is strengthened through consistent messaging, imagery, and design. Hiring a graphic design agency, like Back40, that can create all the marketing materials for your company makes maintaining brand consistency easy.

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Our Graphic Design Process

Our job is to discover what your business is all about – how your business is experienced.  

We’ll meet with you and learn about your competition, your current industry position and your goals. We want to know everything: what got you started, where do you see yourself in 10 years, how do you interact with customers, what type of materials will you be creating or using most often and more. Your dedicated graphic design consultants will guide you through every step of the process, providing clear expectations and expert advice. 

What’s the result? Defining your voice, foundation and purpose. From there, we carefully choose colors, graphics, images and messages that resonate with your audience across print and digital media. Schedule your one-on-one consultation today.

Our Graphic Design Services

We work with startups, small to medium businesses, and nonprofits. Our graphic design consultants work alongside business owners and marketing managers to make your vision a reality – from a brand new brand to extending your marketing materials. We also work with trusted vendors that can produce high-quality printed products of your new designs.

  • Logo Design & Clean Up

    There is a lot more to logo design than most people realize. A logo is the primary design element that will influence every part of your corporate branding from business cards to your final website. Elements like colors, fonts, and symbols are used in all other materials to build a strong and cohesive identity for your company.

    We look to understand the client’s business and what needs to be accomplished with the new logo.

    • How does the client want to be perceived?
    • How will the logo be used and displayed?
    • How will the logo work with existing marketing materials?
    • Does it require primarily type treatment or will new icons be needed?

    Learn more about our logo design process.

  • Print Design & Marketing Services

    Some web designers say print is dead. We don’t believe that. We believe in the power of print. In fact, Back40 has owned and published our own monthly magazine, the Edmond Outlook, since 2005. We know the ins and outs of print deadlines, graphic design, working with photographers and writers and how to create engaging layouts – on time and on budget. That’s the kind of brand design experience we bring to the table.

    We have years of experience putting together a full branding design business identity package including the basics you need to get started:

    • Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes
    • Brochures
    • Multi-page catalogs
    • Print ads
    • Vehicle graphics
    • Printed project portfolios
    • Exhibit displays and banners

    Contact us about your marketing materials today.

  • Display Ads & Digital Media Design

    Branding is all about consistency. As a graphic design agency, we can transfer all of the discovery knowledge from the branding process into a complete digital marketing strategy. Our team can build complementary assets for your display ads, banner ads, and social media that will generate much-desired clicks while building brand awareness.

    We can work with you solely as your graphic design team, or our digital marketing experts can build, manage, and optimize your campaigns.

    • Display ads
    • Banner ads
    • Website design
    • Social media graphics
    • Profile and cover graphics

    Schedule your branding assessment meeting today.

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Agency Graphic Design Services

As a full-service graphic design agency, Back40 can help with all your branding needs, far beyond just building or refreshing your logo. We work alongside you to create the perfect design for your company across all your marketing materials. Put our graphic design consultants’ experience to use for your business. 

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