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Your website is the virtual front door to your business. Fair or not, customers will judge your business based on the physical appearance of your store. Even if you don’t own a physical store, your site has the same effect on your online customers. The phrase “you only get one chance to make a first impression” couldn’t be more true when it comes to your website design.

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Back40 Design: 20+ Years of Web Design Excellence

Over the past 20 years, Back40 has built thousands of websites. We’re experts at helping businesses – from start-ups to established companies – claim their territory online. Back40’s web designing consultants will guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re interested in our fast and easy-to-manage WordPress platform or need a more complex e-commerce site, making use of our WooCommerce solution – Back40’s Oklahoma City-based web design agency has the solution. 

Custom Website
Development & Design

One size does not fit all. With Back40 Design, you’ll get a custom website design as unique as your business. We don’t make cookie-cutter logos or design cookie-cutter sites.  

We know our clients use their sites to run their businesses. That’s why we provide custom design and development services for our clients. Discovering opportunities and leveraging the power of programming, design and usability to solve problems is what we love to do.  

The purpose and goals of every project is different. The right solution may be a simple responsive website, or a custom web application, or a complex site with hundreds of pages. Some may need a totally customized look and feel, while others are great candidates for a WordPress template.  

We work with our clients to identify their business goals and build a site that supports them.

Custom Web Design & Development

Our Web Development Services Process

We take a team approach to our website projects, and you will be an important part of the process.

Your project manager serves as your personal web design consultant. They will be your expert guide from start to finish as you work with our production team of designers, programmers, and developers.

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Web Design Strategy

Our process starts with open communication. We want to know everything. During this phase, you will complete a design survey and meet with your project manager and team either face-to-face or in an online meeting to define website goals and set realistic timelines. 


Web Design & Development

During this phase, we will transform your business goals into a website. It goes from a sitemap into a detailed design mockup and finally into a fully functioning development link that can grow with your organization. 


Website Training & Pre-launch Check

Your development link is ready and waiting. It’s time to build out the pages and load in the content. In preparation for launch, our team uses a comprehensive web design checklist to ensure compatibility across all screen sizes and browsers. We train you on the ins-and-outs of the new site and how to maintain it going forward. 

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Website Launch

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here: we will update the DNS records and your website will be officially live on the internet, ready for visitors.

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We don’t just launch your site and leave you hanging. We provide secure hosting services and ongoing support & monthly website maintenance packages. We’ll be here for you through it all: if you forget how to log in, need help resizing images, or if you want to learn about our digital marketing services.

Our Easy-to-Use CMS Platforms

No single content management system (CMS) is the right fit for every project. Modern web design is more than just building a pretty site. The website must be optimized for speed and search engines – and most importantly, your target audience. It must be professional, branded, and accessible. Back40’s web development team is proficient in multiple CMS platforms and web best practices to facilitate the growth of your business. Some of the most popular CMS options we provide include:



WordPress is a robust CMS that allows for flexible development and is search engine friendly. Approximately 19,500,000 websites on the web use WordPress. It’s a good solution for just about any size business. Our developers create custom plugins and focus on making your website easy to update, no matter your skill level. 

  • Easy to edit
  • Highly customizable 
  • Good for any business size
  • Most popular CMS 

More About WordPress


WooCommerce = E-Commerce

When your business is selling products online, you want to make sure your e-commerce store is always up and running. WooCommerce gives you the ability to sell online all day, every day. It’s a highly-supported WordPress shopping cart plugin with thousands of trusted add ons for all popular payment gateways. It easily integrates with POS systems and CRMs. Additionally, it can be customized to fit nearly any business selling needs for both virtual and physical products. Using the advanced store management tools and reports will help you nail the customer experience every time.

  • Easy store management
  • Product, customer, and order reports
  • Built on WordPress
  • Flexible payment integration options


  • What are the benefits of a responsive website?

    A responsive website adapts the page content to fit to the screen size of the visitor. Gone are the days where businesses should consider a responsive vs non-responsive website. Top 3 benefits of having a responsive website: 

    • It provides a better user experience for tablet and mobile users. Mobile usage numbers continue to rise as our phones continue to improve. Have a question? Your phone likely has the answer. When your site is responsive, a user can find their answer quickly! Without it, they’d have to “pinch and zoom” to find information, or possibly stumble across outdated or abbreviated information. 
    • It’s easier to manage. Since the site content is the same for all users and devices, you only have to manage a single version of content.  That includes text, images, links, and SEO markup.
    • It reduces web design and development costs. Since there’s only one site and one set of content, only one site needs to be built. That saves time. Responsive design and development has led to many creative designs and online business solutions that simply weren’t possible before.
  • What is the main purpose of a corporate website?

    The main purpose of your website will vary depending on your business goals and needs. For example, an e-commerce business that sells products online will need to drive sales; whereas, a service business (like Back40) relies on lead generation like contact form submissions and phone calls. Over the last 20 years, we’ve built thousands of websites that help grow businesses. It all starts with a conversation. Contact today. We’d love to talk about your business!

  • Why does a small business need web design?

    Your website is a 24 hour marketing tool. It works for you even when your office may be closed for the day. Plus, it’s easy to update and maintain. With strategic messaging and development, it can be your leading salesperson.

  • Why is graphic design important?

    Good graphic design is clear, concise messaging. It can guide your customer to the information they need quickly and visually – and to your call to action. In terms of creating an impact, people generally recognize color, shape, then words (in that order). Consistency in all your branded materials will also increase recognition with your customers.

  • How much does WooCommerce cost?

    WooCommerce is a free plugin available on WordPress websites. Back40 Design specializes in building custom e-commerce websites utilizing WooCommerce as a base.

  • What is custom website design?

    Custom web design means that it’s created specifically for your business. It incorporates your branding (messaging, logo, graphics, colors) and is designed to facilitate your business goals. It’s an investment that can have a very high ROI when professionally and strategically executed by using our web development services.

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