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Consumers are immersed in multiple platforms at any given time throughout their day. With so many different advertising options available in the digital space, it can be overwhelming what’s best for you and your business goals. Hiring a trusted digital advertising team can be your best choice. Planning a strategic digital marketing campaign, developing creative that resonates with your audience, buying the most effective and cost efficient media, and optimizing your ads takes time and experience. Back40’s digital marketing team can get a positive return on your investment. 

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What is digital media buying? 

An advertiser or business must buy ad placements from a media company such as Google to run advertising campaigns. This cost doesn’t include developing the ad creative (design, messaging, files). This is strictly the space where your ads will run. 

Advertisers can use the following tactics when media buying:

  • Manual bidding: Bidding on ad space and managing bids directly through an ad platform such as paid search ads
  • Programmatic buys: AI and algorithm enabled real-time bidding on ad space that matches consumer profiles.
  • Direct buys: When a media buyer negotiates ad rates and run times with a specific advertiser (example: running an ad in the Edmond Outlook).
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Why Businesses Should Hire an Ad Agency

When you hire a digital advertising agency, they will develop a multichannel campaign around your business objectives, identifying what platforms and channels are necessary. Then, the agency will purchase the ad space and build out the creative. Once the campaign is running, your account manager would work to continually optimize the ads, adjusting bids, changing creative, modifying targeting to improve performance and increase conversions. Digital campaigns start to garner attention almost immediately, but it requires at least 6 months of ongoing efforts to see results and optimize new campaigns effectively. 

Back40’s ongoing digital marketing services start with a one-on-one consultation to discuss your business goals, budget, and needs from which we develop your custom campaign proposal. Call to schedule yours today

Advantages of Digital Advertising 

When it comes to promoting your products or services there are various advantages to digital media buying. One advantage is that you can create highly targeted ads. Media buying also allows you to track how many times your ad has been viewed, clicked on, and led to a conversion. You can find out quickly if your message is working and what changes are needed to make it more effective. 



Used to serve ads to a user who has completed an action. This could be a visit to your website, someone who has read a blog, a person who visited a specific product page, or even someone who has watched one of your video ads. 



With digital advertising, you can target a geographic area with a high level of specificity, typically by radius, zip code, city, or more. This allows you to show ads to consumers based on their location, allowing you to advertise to people who live in, are interested in, or who are visiting your area of business, near your competitor’s location, or even attending a major event.  


Audience Data-Targeting

Digital advertising relies on several different data sources that can be fine-tuned to reach your ideal customer. Depending on the media platform, ads can be targeted by a user’s interest, buying habits, recent searches, search habits, locations visited and more. 

What digital media buys
are available? 

Most businesses are familiar with Google and Facebook ads, but that’s just the beginning. There are several different digital advertising options available; though, not each needs to be utilized for every digital marketing plan. Your account manager will identify which placements are best for you based on your goals and budget.

  • Video Ads

    In-stream video ads display before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) a video. Whereas, out-stream ads display in less traditional placements and outside of a video itself. This could include in-article, native, in-feed, or interstitial ads. Learn more about video advertising.

  • Connected TV (CTV/OTT) Ads

    Advertise where consumers stream their TV services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Build awareness with highly-engaged users on targeted popular television shows and networks. Learn more about connected TV ads.

  • Display Ads

    Display ads have been around for more than 20 years. They are one of the most cost-effective solutions for increasing brand or product awareness. Banner ads can be served as static or animated units in several different shapes and sizes. Learn more about display ads.

  • Native Ads

    Native advertising is one of the least obtrusive digital media buying options available – the chameleon of the ad world, per se. Native ads are paid content that takes on the shape and tone of the content around it. Learn more about native advertising.

  • Streaming Audio Ads

    There’s a shift in the digital audio landscape. Although traditional radio still holds a large part of the audio advertising share, more and more people are moving to streaming platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify and Pandora. Learn more about advertising on streaming audio services.

How Back40 Can Help

With a strategic media plan, our digital marketing experts at Back40 ensure to get the right message in front of the right audience. We’ll help you find the best areas to advertise, effectively manage your budget, and increase your overall campaign conversion rate.

We understand that you’ve got important things to do throughout your day. By working with our team, you can free up your time to focus on high-priority tasks and scale your business. Back40 aims to assist companies in maximizing the power of paid media to increase leads and sales.

Schedule your initial discovery meeting with our account executive today to get started. 

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