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Email is a highly-effective and versatile content marketing tactic. What makes email marketing so effective? Your content is served to a highly-engaged audience already familiar with your company and brand – ie: warm leads. Email marketing allows you to easily manage flexible campaigns that:

  • Inform your customer base of company updates and announcements
  • Guide your customers through an onboarding or post-purchase funnel
  • Provide value to and nurture leads

As a small business, it can be hard to compete with big brand names. Email marketing can help level the playing field. A strategic campaign can build good customer relationships that increase return sales and visits.

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Benefits of Email

Effective email marketing can increase sales, targeted website visits, and turn customers into brand advocates. Similar to digital advertising, email content can be interactive and personalized to the consumer – something that isn’t fully possible with traditional direct mail.

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways of staying connected with your customer base. Litmus News reported having a 38 to one for their return on investment (source). It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to engage with your audience. Many popular email marketing platforms offer small businesses with limited subscriber counts free versions of their software. 

Popular Email Marketing Platforms

Several email marketing platforms have emerged in recent years. Oftentimes, the choice comes down to:

  • Ease of Use
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Cost

Two of the most popular email marketing tools are Constant Contact and Mailchimp. They allow users to create multiple mailing lists, offer standard or custom templates, and provide reporting.

Steps to Build an Engaging Email Marketing Campaign 

Successful email marketing campaigns depend on timing, frequency, valuable content, and personalization. People do not want to feel like they are being spammed with unnecessary information.

  • Build an Email List

    Having a user subscription feature on your website can entice visitors to sign up for your emails. Users on your email list have already “opted in” you know that you already have an interested audience. Grouping subscribers into segments allows you to tailor your message to them.

  • Plan Your Messaging

    Target subscribers by their segment to deliver them customized emails, such as

    • Welcome new subscribers with information about your company or what they can expect in future emails.
    • E-commerce store owners can send reminders of abandoned products in carts.
    • Exclusive promotions for subscribers about new and upcoming products.

  • Get Creative

    It is important to make sure every email sent is mobile-friendly and fast-loading. Not many people check their emails from their computers in fact, 56% of emails are read on iPhones or in Gmail (source).

  • Send Your Campaign

    One of the biggest challenges with email marketing is making sure your email is opened and viewed. We can help ensure a quality “open rate” by creating effective messaging, collecting feedback, and fine-tuning content to increase relevancy and audience appeal.

Content Creation & Marketing

How Back40 Can Help

Our experts will design templates, create content, and manage newsletters to help reach your business goals. Email Marketing is an effective tool for communicating with an audience already familiar with your company or brand. People check their email multiple times every day and want to hear from their favorite companies, our job is to make sure they are getting the content that reflects their wants and needs. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our digital marketing specialists to discuss what email campaign is best for your company. 

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