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Blogging – it’s not a new term, or a new service. In the early days of websites, blogs were key to gaining website keyword search volume and organic traffic. Now, they’re used as tools to connect with your audience and solve their problems in a strategic way.

Businesses should not rely solely on blogging to get results. It should be one of several tactics included in your content marketing plan and support your overall digital marketing strategy. 


Discover the Power of a Blog

A strategic blog brings value to your audience, both current customers and potential customers. Each post should serve your target audience, be informative, and provide value.

  • Develop a Brand Voice

    Blogs give you an opportunity to foster your brand voice and share it with your audience. People want to buy from people. Use this as an opportunity to humanize your brand while sharing information with your consumers in a way that works for them and in a way they can understand.

  • Build Trust with Your Customers

    When you give more value than you take, your audience will keep coming back. Consistency, honesty and value will build trust with your customers. This trust will translate to industry authority, and that itself is invaluable.

  • Engage with Current Customers

    Your blog strategy should include posts targeted to your current customers. A lot of the time, business owners are concerned about gaining new customers – but it’s more effective to build your customers into brand advocates that bring you referrals. Helping them after the sale is complete is a key way to do that.

  • Set You Apart from Your Competitors

    Provide more value to your customers through your blog than your competitors. It’s really that simple. If people are coming to your blog, sharing your tips, and referring people to you. Your business will have an advantage over the competition.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website

    Each blog post is an opportunity to attract visitors to your site. Creating consistent and educational or entertaining content is an effective way to increase traffic, and more traffic means more potential leads.

How to Measure Effectiveness

You must know where you are currently to develop a plan to improve. As with any good digital marketing plan, you should identify your key performance indicators (KPIs). These are the metrics you’ll use to gauge your success. Using a tool like Google Analytics, you will monitor these metrics over time to identify what’s working and what’s not on your blog. Key metrics can include: 

  • Users
  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Goal completions 
  • Subscribers
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate

When analyzing your traffic, it’s easy to get lost. Focus on your KPIs and don’t deviate too much from them for the first 6 months to a year when you’re just starting out. Then, evaluate if you need to reassess your KPIs to give you a better picture of your performance.

In addition to these metrics, it’s also important to know how many other sites are linking to your post (backlinks) and which channel is driving the most quality traffic. 

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How Often to Blog

It can’t be said enough: Blogging requires consistency. If you’re only able to commit to one well-written blog post per month, then stick to monthly. If you’re able to complete one post a week, then stick to weekly.

Go at the pace that’s right for you without compromising quality. This is not a numbers game; quality is far more important than quantity in this tactic.

Create content that speaks to your target audience’s pain points, and make sure the headlines accurately describe the content that follows.

How Back40 Can Help

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We’ve seen companies and individuals dread the content writing process. Why struggle on your own? Let us transform your blank page into an engaging conversation with your customers. Schedule your one-on-one consultation to see how blogging can fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.

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