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A logo is the primary design element that will influence every part of your corporate branding from business cards to your final website. Elements like colors, fonts, and symbols are used in all other materials to build a strong and cohesive identity for your company.  

We believe that a logo is recognized by 3 distinct factors: shape, color and text. These three factors register in an instant to the viewer, leaving a lasting impression. A well-executed logo is an investment in your company’s marketing. 

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Our Custom Logo Design Process

We have the experience to guide you through the logo creation process and to design a logo that will represent your business for years to come.



We start by surveying you and key members of your team to gather information about your company’s brand and vision. You’ll meet with one of our graphic designers and project managers to discuss the uses, needs and wants from your logo. Additionally, our team will research your industry and competitors in order to conceptualize your new logo.



Then, we’ll get to work designing brands and logos that reflect our research. Our designer will deliver preliminary sketches, and then through our review, revision, and approval process, we’ll create a design that will be both memorable and recognizable.



After the final logo has been approved, we will create a complete file package and color guide so that you can easily use your new logo consistently in the future.

Logo Design Portfolio

See some of our most recent custom logo design work.



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