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Your brand is so much more than just a logo

Your brand is your business. And, how people experience it is ours. We specialize in creating new brands and refreshing existing brands. 

We’ll meet with you and learn what makes your business unique. Then, we’ll learn about your competition, your current industry position, and your goals. Finally, we’ll turn our findings into viable options from which we can select your final brand.

What's the result? A complete branding identity package that can be developed across multiple mediums.

My brand has been established. What's next?

After you establish your brand (which can include naming, logo design, and marketing message creation), we can help you plan and create the graphic design pieces for your business. These pieces include business cards, letterhead, brochures, banners, ads, booth materials, and product packaging.

Logo Design

Sure, we can make your logo bigger...

But is it memorable? Recognizable? What does it say about your organization? Does it support your brand? How will it look reduced down on a business card?

Shape. Color. Text. That's how a logo is recognized.

Let's illustrate the "Shape, Color, Text" concept with well-known brand like Target. First you recognize the bullseye shape, then you recognize the red and then you read the word "Target". Of course, with a well-known brand this all happens in a split-second. A well-executed logo is an investment in your company’s marketing. Is your logo design memorable and recognizable?

How our logo design process works:

You'll meet with one of our graphic designers and visit about your company's brand and vision. Then, we'll get to work designing brands and logos that reflect our research. Our designer will deliver preliminary sketches, and then through our review, revision, and approval process, we'll create a design that will be both memorable and recognizable.

What you should know about our logo design services:

  • If you are looking for a $99 logo design, we're probably not meant to work together.
  • We do logo 'tune-ups' to existing logos.
  • Upon project completion, we deliver electronic copies of your logo and brand materials.

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Featured Logo: Hopkins DentalFeatured Logo: 
Hopkins Dental Clinic

After researching, sketching, developing and a few rounds of edits, Back40 developed a new logo for Hopkins Dental Clinic that combines traditional and modern dentistry aspects with the Hopkins name.

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Business Identity Package

Your brand has been established. You have a logo, color scheme, mission, and goals. It's time to start putting it all to work. Your brand determines how your business is portrayed, through your facility, team members, and assets. 

Back40 Design is your one-stop design shop. We’ll put together a full business identity package for you including the basics you need to get started: business cards, letterhead, and envelopes that reinforce your brand or company website.

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Business Identity Package: Monica NeelyFeatured Business ID Package:
Monica Neely Dentistry

Back40 created a full business stationery suite, including: business cards, envelopes and letterhead for Monica Neely's dental practice that echoed the branding direction from the new site. 

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Print Design Projects

It ain't dead.

When a web designer tells you they're also graphic design and print experts, they probably mean they've made a few brochures or designed a business card. At Back40 Design, we can tell you we've been publishing monthly magazines for 13 years. That's the kind of print expertise we bring to the table. We know the ins and outs of print deadlines, working with freelance photographers and how to create engaging layouts.

How our print design process works:

First we'll assess your project. What does it entail? Do you need a writer? A graphic design? Do you need us to get some printing quotes? Once we define the project and our services are engaged your print project will go like our other projects. You'll work with a designer who will manage the project until completion. Also, if we handle the printing, we'll deliver the project to you.

What you need to know about our print projects:

  • We design booklets, annual reports, exhibits, trade show banners, product packaging, and we've even wrapped a few cars.
  • We believe that printed materials can effectively reinforce your online presence.
  • We utilize our network of writers and freelance photographers regularly for web projects.

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Print Projects Feature: Little Ones FoundationFeatured Print Project: 
The Little Ones Foundation

The organization's big fundraiser was right around the corner, and they needed a banner to reinforce their new brand. Our Graphic Designers designed backdrop which was used near the entrance of the event for all the attendee's party pics. 

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