Who needs a designer anyway?

Every time I turn around I find another person trying to create marketing materials in design programs like Photoshop. So if everyone knows how to use Photoshop or even Illustrator who needs a designer anyway?

Unity Captive Management needed a designer.

I recently gave one of our Oklahoma website design clients an estimate for business card designs, but our client decided to go with a local quick print shop. This client was simply trying to save on cost and get the job done with a 24 hour turn around. Well, the quick print shop did not make our client very happy. Jerry emails me, “U.N.C.L.E!! Please design my business card!” We created the Unity Captive logo design and the website design so I was eager to start the design work for our client’s business card! (designers love brand consistency)

Take a look at the difference:

Unity Captive Management saw a clear difference in someone who knows how to use a design program and someone who designs in a design program. I hope you can see the difference too. Design can be seen as an investment, but I promise it’s always worth the effort and cost.

Don’t be seduced by the computer.

The funny thing about everyone getting their hands on design programs and starting to immediately crank out work is designers don’t begin their work on the computer at all! Designers start with research, planning, and sketches. Heck, design students don’t even begin learning design on the computer! Generally when studying design, universities do not allow students to use computers for class assignments during the first year. The goal is not to use a computer or the design programs, but to learn to think creatively and more like a designer.

Other examples of clients who needed designers:

Boomer Solutions brochure design was created to promote their services and was completed with client revisions in just 3 days to ensure prints would arrive before a big event!

PM Attendant’s website design project is very unique in that our client knows programming very well, but simply needed a finished design. We worked hard to even help supply them with additional website support files they could use on their own software.

Designers get design.

Design is not about using preset templates, filters, special brushes, or even good ol’ bevel and emboss. So what is design? Design is solving problems in creative ways using alignment, balance, harmony, color, clarity, shape, texture, and so much more. Designers pay attention to the details. The design goal is to change the market’s attitude about the subject. Design is about communication.

So who needs a designer anyway? We all do.

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