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Understanding Facebook: A break down of the 5 types of Facebook posts

Understanding Facebook

Engaging with the followers on your Facebook Business page is key to making you an expert in your industry. Whether it’s with a photo, a video, or text – the type of post you use matters. Using a variety of posts will keep your audience intrigued by your page and helps build trust among your followers.

The 5 types of Facebook posts: 

  1. Photo/Video
  2. Photo Albums
  3. Photo Carousel 
  4. Slideshow
  5. Instant Experiences 

The first step towards an engaging Facebook Business page is understanding how to use these post types for maximum engagement. 

The Post Type Rundown 

Facebook Post Type: Photo or Video Example

Type 1: Photo/Video

Photo/video posts are best for featuring products or services, social graphics, and simple status updates. Visuals are powerful and more memorable. You can show information in some form of a visual in any industry. 


  • Schedule and draft posts
  • Tag featured products and your location
  • Customize URL previews
  • Add a custom thumbnail photo to videos (size 463 x 284)


  • Images will be cropped in preview – use square photos to guarantee a consistent layout and non-distorted images

Facebook Post Type: Gallery Example

Type 2: Photo Albums

Photo Albums are a great way to organize photos that are related to the specific products, services, or projects of your company. 


  • Upload up to 1000 photos to each album


  • Photo Albums can’t be drafted or scheduled
  • Products cannot be tagged in photo albums

Facebook Post Type: Carousel Example

Type 3: Photo Carousel

Offer something unique to your audience by creating a series of images, tell stories through photos, illustrations, and other images to inspire more engagement. Use Photo Carousel to showcase two or more images, videos, and links in a single post. This preview allows your customer to click through the post to see all the content included.


  • Share a various amount of content at once
  • Showcase multiple angles of a product
  • Edit photo URLs to a specific product page


  • Only 6 slides (images) can be shared at once – choose wisely 

Facebook Post Type: Slideshow Example

Type 4: Slideshow

Share photos in video format with Facebook Slideshow. Like a GIF, this post takes your photos and plays them in a loop. This is a great way to share related products or multiple angles of a product. Video content tends to drive more engagements that static images or photos.


  • Different transitions and music to set the theme of the post


  • Slideshows cannot be scheduled or drafted
  • All images are cropped into a square

Facebook Post Type: Instant Experience Example

Type 5: Instant Experiences

Instant Experiences, or formerly known as Canvas, is the best way to market your company. This simple and effective post creates a Facebook Marketing Campaign that is sure to capture your audience. According to Facebook, “within an Instant Experience, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products—all in a single ad.”


  • Several easy-to-use, pre-made templates to choose from
  • Multiple post types in one
  • Fullscreen experience


  • Only viewable to mobile users – Instant Experiences do not show up on desktop


The Takeaway

Facebook offers various post types to suit the needs of any company. The next post you make – mix it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Use different post types to see what your audience engages with the most and then continue using that post type for future posts. 

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