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*Update 5/1/13*
We have hired a designer. Thanks for your interest in the position. If you would like to be considered for future positions please email us at


We’re looking for a designer to join Back40. Not just any designer. We’re looking for a top performer. Maybe it’s you.

Do you love design?

Do you examine the typography on your shampoo bottle? Do you name fonts on the menu while out to eat? Do you redesign signage you observe on your commute? Do you critique advertising messages without mercy? If this is you, please read onward. We understand you.

Do you like working directly with clients?

Good, because that’s what you will do at Back40. It’s integral to our design process. You’ll uncover and discover our client’s marketing needs and create beautifully appropriate design solutions. When the solution is web-based, you’ll oversee the project right up to the programming and content development phase. When the solution involves print or branding, you’ll manage the project beginning to end. All along the way you’ll have assistance and support from our experienced team – but you won’t be micro-managed.

Back40 Design A Little About Us

A little about us.

We’re a designer-owned company that’s been producing web and marketing work for 12 years. We employ 14 design professionals and support staffers. Last year, gross revenues grew 15.75% (we’re also debt-free). We run an open-books management company where all of us discuss, review and understand what we earn and what we spend. This business knowledge has helped drive our profit sharing program.

This is a great time to be at Back40 because we are accelerating our journey from executional vendor to marketing partner. This transition is gaining momentum as we advise and market companies that we have worked with for years. We have also seen a marked increase in out-of-state clients. But enough about us…

You will love working with dependable professionals who design, develop, program, market and manage our client accounts. We’ve assembled a team of self managers who know their jobs – and it shows.

If you care about your work like we do, you’ll understand that we do whatever it takes for the success of the client. If extra effort is required – we take care of it. If answering emails on a weekend if necessary – we take care of it, because we care. And if it’s time to goof off – we do that too.

We don’t know you yet, but we know you will love this job. We’re not looking for dozens and dozens of responders, just you. The right designer to work here.

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