Regional Tourism Redesign: Red Carpet Country

Planning a trip this summer? Pack up the family and head up to Red Carpet Country. We’ve made it easier than ever before to find upcoming events, local attractions and cities in northwest and north central Oklahoma on their recently launched website.

As with all of our projects, Back40 started with research. We reviewed the competition and similar organizations and met with the client to gather additional details about the new features they needed (and wanted) to determine how to best approach the new website design.

The regional tourism organization needed a new look that showed off the picturesque landscapes and family fun that can be found in their area. They also wanted spaces on the site that could be easily updated to include ads from local cities wanting to be featured throughout the site.

Our graphic designers went to work.

The new website design features large imagery, an interactive directory, simple navigation and key sections for advertising. It’s built to be responsive, so you can find what you’re looking for – even from the road.

If you’ve never visited Red Carpet Country, you’re missing out.

It’s home to 6 state parks, outdoor adventures, fascinating museums, abundant attractions, and great food. Knowing there would be a lot of items constantly being added and updated on the site through the JavelinCMS, we wanted to make it simple to add the details for each city.

Our programmers built a directory that allows the website admin to easily add photos, details, and a description for each attraction they want to feature. The listings layout in a consistent format automatically, making it easy to just add new attractions, save and move on. With our calendar, they can add upcoming events once and have them displayed on various pages throughout the site. And, with unlimited pages, content can continued to be added without any restrictions.

If your website isn’t meeting your needs, let’s talk about how we can help.

Now, head out and enjoy the summer – plan your trip to Red Carpet Country or use our other tourism and attraction websites to plan your vacation.

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