Javelin Update: New Social Media Module Now Available

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Updating Your Social Media Icons & Links Just Got Easier.

Back40 built Javelin CMS for our clients, and we maintain it in-house. It’s intuitive. It’s easy to use. And, it’s powering more than 650 websites across the world.

Our programmers are constantly making updates and improvements to Javelin to better meet your needs. With this most recent update, a new “Social Icons” Module is now available from your standard (or core) set of options.

Social Media Icons Module - Available in Javelin CMS Standard Options

How does the Social Media Icons Module work, and what’s it used for?

This module makes it easy to add the most popular social media icons to any page of your site simply by including the link to your social media profile or page.

JavelinCMS Social Media Icons Module - Management Options

Customize How Your Icons Display

We have built in several ways for you to customize the way these icons will display on your site, including:

  • Style
    Choose how you want your icons to appear: Round, Square, or Isolated
  • Color
    Choose which color your icons should be: Black, White, or Color
  • Size
    Choose what size the icons will display as: Small, Medium, or Large

Include Links to the Social Media You Have

What if you don’t have profiles set up on all of the available options? No problem. Only include the links to the social media that you’re using.

If you’re only on Facebook and Twitter, copy and paste the URL to your profiles in the fields available, and the icons will appear automatically based on the display options you’ve selected.

For more information about setting up or using this module, check out our help site.

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