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Javelin CMS Hosting Utilizes a Content Delivery Network

What is a CDN? CDN stands for ‘Content Delivery Network.’ A Content Delivery Network is a system of web hosting servers placed at various geographical points in a network to maximize access speed to data. Here’s an example:

A web user in New York City views the Oklahoma City National Memorial website and some of the data is transferred from a server in Washington D.C. because that CDN server is closest in proximity to the user in New York City. Actually, that’s a real world example – we host that website AND all our Javelin CMS clients utilize our Content Delivery Network. Back40 Design’s CDN makes use of 21 servers around the world to serve our website’s data. Smarter serving is faster serving.

Content delivered through our CDN may include web images, downloadable media files, documents, applications and video. The increasing complexity of online content can slow down traditionally delivered data (serving data from one geographical location). As the demand for media-rich websites continues to increase, our Javelin CMS clients are benefiting and will continue to benefit from using our CDN.

Our CDN is just another way we are continuing to improve our client’s website performance and stability.

More information about our proprietary Javelin Content Management System.

CDN stands for ‘Content Delivery Network.’
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