Lunch is on Me!

Providing a client testimonial with gushing praise and kudos is always fun, and yet – sometimes the term testimonial can become cliche in today’s business world. Instead of simply posting more kind words about our staff, I’d like to take an insider’s look at a happy client, from Dr. Roth’s perspective. Afterall, if a client calls you up to say “Lunch is on me!” to thank your staff for such a tremendous job – we must have done something right. 🙂

Dr. Jonathon Roth M.D. is a soft-spoken man with a gentle spirit and generous heart. We can easily imagine how his presence in a room is calming and soothing to the many children he helps through anxiety disorders, ADD, ADHD, and other serious psychological needs. The minute he stepped through our doors, his professional image was solid and specific. He oozes “his mission statement” from every pore with ease.
He was branching off from his years of medical practice at a large, local hospital to pursue his own venture. He needed a logo of course. Our design helps convey his “compassionate care for children birth-18 years” with a progressive color scheme illustrating their positive progress while in his care.

Next up, gathering the business necessities.
Business cards, prescription pads, and even postcards as well. With the help of Back40 Design Group, he is setting up a direct mail campaign to local referring doctors to inform them of his new practice.

“Working with the team of professionals at Back40
Design Group
to create my new company image was the best decision I
ever made. My logo conveys the exact message I was seeking. That brand
image was carried over beautifully into my EdmondOutlook advertisement, direct mail postcards, business cards, and even my website. It all looks amazing. I often highly recommend Back40 to my fellow colleagues and other business owners.” ~ Jonathon Roth, MD

Of course, the capstone in his campaign for public awareness came from the Edmond Outlook magazine. His quarter page ad in the January 2010 issue brought him 24+ calls immediately upon publication, as well as 3 new clients in just the first weekend. Reaching over 50,000 Edmond homes and businesses can certainly jump start a new medical venture – for sure!

“As a brand new business owner, I received 24 calls the very first weekend my ad came out in the Edmond Outlook!
I made 3 new client appointments right away and I continue to receive
positive feedback from everyone who sees the ad. I believe in the
proven results the Edmond Outlook has brought my new medical practice.” ~ Jonathon Roth, MD
Our follow up to his logo, business cards, prescription pads, direct mail campaign, and Edmond Outlook advertisement is of course – a well designed website to inform the masses of his new practice. His design is approved and the content is being placed as we speak. His link should be live within a week or so. We wish him good luck with his new practice! (And of course, a HUGE thank you for our wonderful lunch last week!!)
Back40 Design Client Meeting
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