Diversions in Development – March 9

CSS Developer Pranked by Web Project Manager

We prank Jessica Hough – old school style. Ok, maybe its not LOL funny. But we thoroughly enjoyed the moment. And the diversion. Below, are some links we liked this week:

  • Call us easily entertained but we really like this simple video marketing the Dollar Shave Club. They also have an awesome slogan: “Shave money. Shave time.” I think this video got one sale here in the office, Chris Jackson is signing up.
  • This 1997 “Think Different” commercial narrated by the late Steve Jobs never aired. It marked the beginning of Apple’s carefully constructed “hipster” image. The production version debuted with a Richard Dreyfuss voiceover.
  • Want more vintage Apple marketing? Check out the evolution of Apple advertisements.
  • Party with celebs like Stephen Colbert, Kristen Stewart, Snoop Dog and Photoshop Celebrities – or just Photoshop them into your party pics.
  • Canadian designer Aaron Christopher Judd posted an image and a caption everyday to complete his “365 Days of Tumblr” project. Here’s a collection of some of his (and his followers) favorites.
  • We remember some of these movies; others we never heard of… Movie Poster Gallery on Pinterest.


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