Tracking Advertising ROI with QR Codes

One of our OKC web design clients called us with a QR code question. This particular client markets their website business through print advertising. They wanted to include a QR marketing code to ‘push’ people to a certain section of their website. The client asked how they can track visits coming to their website through their QR code.

What’s a QR Code?

A QR code (or quick response code) is a two-dimensional square barcode. That’s it. A square shape is filled with graphics that contain data. The data can be interpreted by a “QR code reader.” In many cases, it’s a device like a smart phone. Once the smart phone processes the QR code, it’s directed to take an action. In many applications, the code opens a URL in the smart phone’s browser and displays the corresponding web page. See the example below of a QR code used in print advertising.

How to track QR Code ROI for print advertising

How do I track QR Code Usage?

As long as you have a program like Google Analytics, it’s as simple as adding a bit of text called a query string to the end of your URL. Query strings are used by web pages to perform functions. You see them all the time. Here’s an example of a URL with a query string:

The query string is highlighted in bold in the above URL

Let’s do this

To create a QR code, locate a QR code generator (more about that). Be sure to enter your target URL and your unique query string identifier into the generator. Remember, by adding the query string, you w