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Content Management FAQ

often meet with up to 30 people a month interested in how to update
their website. Some have a CMS system, but don’t like it. Others have to
call up their web company to make changes. I enjoy helping them each
discover a better way – the Javelin way. Hundreds use it each and every day. I know it will work for you too.

I describe how easy it is to use our content management system, I often
encounter the same key questions from CEOs, Business Owners, Marketing
Assistants, and IT Managers… So in order to help those of you
considering a new way to keep your website up to date, I’ve listed our
top frequently asked questions for content management systems below. 

What is Javelin?

Javelin is a powerful content management system
that puts control of your content in your hands.

  • Take Back Control:
    No more waiting on
    developers to make changes to your website. Just hired a new employee?
    Upload their photo, bio, and contact info all by yourself in less than 5
    minutes. No design degree required.
  • Unlimited Editing: Change your content with ease every day, week, or month – your choice – as little or as often as you need.
  • Unlimited Pages: Need a new web page to highlight a big
    Christmas sale? Add as many new web pages as you like – the sky is the
    limit with Javelin Content Management System.
  • All in One:
    Do you currently manage a blog site and a website? Why? Javelin will
    put your Blogs & Twitter Feed right on your homepage so clients
    always have access to the latest info in one spot. Take the hassle out
    of separate e-commerce systems. Javelin is an all-in-one offering to all
    your website services and admin needs.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Our content management system
is online – no software CDs to install, no fancy equipment needed. You
simply log on to your website, and click to add, edit, or delete right
there on the webpage. In other words – you manage your website content
with simple 1, 2, 3 steps. “Content” can be text, photos, documents,
blogs, and so much more. A
major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical
skill to manage – no HTML, no CSS, and no other “code languages” to
decipher. Want to add something, click “Add” – heck, we even put a +
plus sign next to it to ensure it’s clear as day. lol

What can Javelin do for my website?

  • Edit Your Content With No Technical Knowledge
  • Control All Aspects Your Site – Users, Pages, Pictures, Text… Well, EVERYTHING!
  • Add New Pages On the Fly
  • Give Your Clients the Information They Need — When They Need It

Do I have to pay more as my website grows?

Absolutely not. Some CMS systems charge per page. We do not. In fact, Back40 is constantly adding new content management features
for Javelin that allow you to extend your site in terms of pages and
functionality. These automatic upgrades are free to all Javelin CMS
users. You don’t have to download updates. You don’t have to pay for
improvements. We designed Javelin to grow with you to meet your needs.

Can Javelin be used on my existing website?

Yes. Flexibility is a core component of Javelin. This makes it possible to incorporate this powerful content management system
into existing sites. Have a site design you love, just need a better
way to update it? Javelin will work for you. Got an existing CMS that
just doesn’t cut it? No problem. We can replace it with Javelin. Never
made a website before? Back40 can provide your custom design and
incorporate Javelin CMS from the get-go.

How do I get started?

Call Back40 Design Group at 405-478-4080 and let me explain
the advantages of Javelin first-hand. I’d love to show you a quick and
easy demo online, or in person anytime. I can get you
started on an easier, simpler way to maintain your website content.

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