A New Year: A New Perspective

Graphic Design -- Oklahoma City, OKBack40 Design Group is an Edmond-owned business that directly
affects the livelihood of more than 700+ local business owners.
Whether they
come to Back40 for an enhanced brand, a new website, or an effective magazine
ad – each business is reliant upon only 12 full time staff members to produce
the products that will affect their company’s staff and families for years to
come. That 700 to 12 ratio is staggering. By providing innovative ideas, Back40
and the Edmond Outlook help companies earn countless dollars, pumping the local
economy with ROI, creating jobs, and securing the future of our community.

Brightly-colored thank you cards sprinkle staff bulletin boards
and gooey sweet emails forward from clients to the group each week as another
site launches. Grateful clients drop by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, or leave
baskets of