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A New Year: A New Perspective

Graphic Design -- Oklahoma City, OKBack40 Design Group is an Edmond-owned business that directly
affects the livelihood of more than 700+ local business owners.
Whether they
come to Back40 for an enhanced brand, a new website, or an effective magazine
ad – each business is reliant upon only 12 full time staff members to produce
the products that will affect their company’s staff and families for years to
come. That 700 to 12 ratio is staggering. By providing innovative ideas, Back40
and the Edmond Outlook help companies earn countless dollars, pumping the local
economy with ROI, creating jobs, and securing the future of our community.

Brightly-colored thank you cards sprinkle staff bulletin boards
and gooey sweet emails forward from clients to the group each week as another
site launches. Grateful clients drop by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, or leave
baskets of goodies to thank everyone for their hard work.

A New Year generally offered up a New Perspective. As we approach New
Years Eve, businesses and individuals alike typically take stock of the
last year by asking the age-old question: “How’d we do?” Well at Back40, we decided to take that question to the streets – asking our customers’ opinions in a phone survey last month.

In honor of each
staff member’s pursuit of perfection throughout our last 11 years in business
I offer these words, directly from our clients, with a thankful heart.

2010 Client
“How would you describe Back40 Design Group to others?”

“I would say very professional, great at communication,
and great quality.”  – Staffing Firm

Flexibility and creativity are two of their core values they bring to the
table. I get a lot of compliments on our website now, whereas I didn’t before.
The ability for me to change the website is most important for me.” – Insurance

“Easy to work with and professional.” – Graphic Design, Print, &
Web Non-Profit Client

“Local, professional, and thorough. Our website is easy to use, has a
content management system, and is a good design. It was simple to deal with
them because they’re easy to work with.” – IT Manager

“Reliable. The influential factor in choosing Back40 was price,
experience, and the creativity
they were willing to offer.” – National

They’re willing to help out customers and they always get things done in
a timely manner.” – Tourism Group

“It was nice to have a one stop shop, who seemed to have a timeline. I
liked getting things done quickly. I have recommended them for their
efficiency. If I email Ryan or need help, they get on it and get things done.
They’re easy to work with; they listen to you.” – Statewide Entertainment Business

“Back40 is a good company. They were responsive and seemed eager to help
with our redesign efforts.” – Logo, Print, and Web Insurance Industry

“They’re real easy to work with.” – Print & Web Client

Back40 is great – easy to work with.” – Multiple Website Client

“Back40 is a good group you could go to for a good website at a good
.” – Tribal Web Developer

“They’re easy to deal with, upfront, accommodating, and willing to work
within your budget
.” – Multiple Website Client

“Left the last (web) company because the guy couldn’t help me get online
leads. I started looking for someone else. I wanted a more local company. I
found Back40 on the Internet. I contacted several other firms too, but Back40
was set apart because of the way JR explained everything a lot better than the
other guys. I felt more comfortable with him. I like how JR goes through all
the details and doesn’t leave me hanging. I don’t think it can be better. To
me, the service was perfect
.” – Search Engine Optimization and Website

“I’ve always had a good experience when I come for help or have issues
with the web site. They’re quick to accommodate with problems or adjustments;
they’re always right on top of it. They’ve always been very professional and
easy to get a hold of and communicate with.” – Edmond Business Owner

“We were designing a new company. I chose them because they could kind of
do everything – print and web
. I like everything about the website Back40
built; there’s nothing I don’t like. We get so many compliments on a daily
basis. It’s the best. Back40 has the knowledge and was willing to adapt to what
we wanted to do. They’re willing to come up with cutting edge materials, and I
recommend them all the time.” –Out of State Tourism Industry Print and Web

“Their basic knowledge seemed great; They’re technology was greater.
Back40 is hands on, proactive on the project, and push things to get
moving.” – Shawnee Company Executive

“I would say they’re helpful, friendly, and you can just give them general
ideas and they come back with a great website. They make it easy so you don’t
have to do it on your own
.” – Multiple Website Client

“What set Back40 apart from the rest was the higher-end technology
available.” – Nationally-Recognized Non-Profit, utilizing Javelin CMS

“Back40 was local and I liked their portfolio. They did print, a display,
and our website. I didn’t have any trouble with them, enjoyed their service.
They did a good job and made sure I was pleased with what I got.” –
Shawnee Business Owner

“The rep they sent out – she was awesome – Stacy, she’s good. I contacted
three others but what set Back40 apart from the rest was flexibility to be able
to change the site ourselves
.” – Insurance Representative

“Local. Good. We like Dave and what really set Back40
apart were the positive endorsements from his other clients
.” – Non-Profit
Website for Tourism & Events

Graphic Design -- Oklahoma City, OK
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