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249 Construction Company Names in 2023

Construction Company Names

Today, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of 249 construction company names that are memorable and suited for search engine rankings. You may increase your online visibility and attract more potential clients by incorporating terms that resonate with your target demographic and appeal to search engines.

Whether you want a memorable and attention-grabbing name or want to improve your SEO game, these suggestions will help you select the perfect name for your construction company. Let us go into the realm of construction firm names!

Construction Business FAQs

What is the Best Name For a Construction Company?

The right answer is “it depends” based on your own business needs but below are some things to take into account when choosing a construction company name.

1. Choose easy to understand contractor company names.

2. Clarity: Select a name that clearly communicates the nature of your construction business and is easily understood by your target audience.

3. Simplicity: Keep the name straightforward and uncomplicated to ensure it is easily recognizable and memorable.

4. Industry Relevance: Consider incorporating construction-related keywords or terms that resonate with your target market and reinforce your expertise.

5. Future Scalability: Think about how the name will accommodate your business’s growth and expansion plans in the long run.

6. Use free resources for brainstorming name ideas. Look online for name generators.

7. Avoid hard-to-spell names.

8. If it will always be located in one state there can be Google ranking benefits to adding a state abbreviation to the business name.

9. Industry Relevance: Consider incorporating construction-related keywords or terms that resonate with your target market and reinforce your expertise.

10. Domain Availability: Check the availability of domain names associated with your chosen business name to establish a consistent online presence. Using .com business names is best if possible.

Who Are The 10 Largest Construction Companies in 2023?

1 The Turner Corp. $14.3 billion 1
2 Bechtel $12.9 billion 2
3 Kiewit Corp. $10.7 billion 4 (+1)
4 STO Building Group, Inc. $9.5 billion 6 (+2)
5 Fluor $8.8 billion 3 (-2)
6 The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $8.4 billion 5 (-1)
7 DPR Construction $7.5 billion 10 (+3)
8 Skanska, USA $6.4 billion 9 (+1)
9 Clark Group $6.3 billion 13 (+4)
10 AECOM $6.3 billion

Can You Become a Millionaire with a Construction Company?  

Becoming a millionaire with a construction company is certainly possible, but it is not guaranteed. The construction industry can offer lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs and skilled professionals. However, achieving millionaire status requires a combination of factors such as successful business strategies, market demand, effective management, quality work, and continuous growth.

Why is Having a Good Construction Company Name Important? 

Why is Having a Good Construction Company Name Important

While the significance of a good construction firm name may appear minor at first look, it is critical to analyze the underlying variables that contribute to its significance. This section will examine why having a solid construction firm name is far from inconsequential. These characteristics are critical to the success of your business, from building a compelling brand identity to increasing your internet presence and distinguishing out in a competitive market. Let’s explore 3 reasons why picking the correct construction firm name is an important step toward success.

Your Construction Company Name Will be Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity: The foundation of your brand identity is your construction company’s name. It is the potential client’s first point of contact and should exude professionalism, dependability, and competence. A strong and distinctive name contributes to the creation of a great first impression and promotes your firm as a credible player in the field.

Consider First Impressions Regarding Your Construction Company Name

First Impression: Your construction company name is often the first interaction potential clients have with your organization. It makes an immediate impression and has the potential to alter their image of your services. A well-chosen name may build trust, pique interest, and increase potential customers’ chances to contact you to learn more about your services.

Your Construction Company Name in Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising: A memorable construction firm name can be an effective marketing strategy. It becomes the focal point of your branding efforts, making memorable logos, slogans, and marketing materials easier to design. An effective name can also help with word-of-mouth marketing because people are more likely to refer your business if they can recollect your name.

Considerations When Choosing a Construction Company Name 

Choosing a Construction Company Business Name 

Before choosing a name for your construction company, consider a few critical criteria that can affect its long-term success. In the following sections, we’ll explain each subtopic’s importance for your construction company’s branding and web presence.

Remember, while it may not be possible to match all requirements, attempting to meet as many as possible can establish a strong foundation for your new construction company, helping you get the greatest outcomes in the long term.

Your Construction Company Name Should Be Easy to Pronounce and Spell

A construction firm name should be easy to speak and spell. Communication and recommendations require a name that is easy to say and spell. Simple, concise, and phonetically easy construction firm names help customers interact, remember, and recommend your business. Easy pronunciation and spelling lay the groundwork for good communication and leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Your Construction Company Name Should Reflect What You Do

Your Construction Company Name Should Be Unique & Memorable

Uniqueness is essential for building company names. In a competitive market, standing out is crucial to attracting customers, building a brand, and differentiating your business. A memorable construction firm name helps people remember your services when they need them.

You may stand out in the construction sector by choosing a unique, creative, and memorable name. It looks fantastic on truck sides too!

Your Construction Company Name Should be Available as a Domain Name

Your construction company’s domain name is vital in today’s digital world. Your domain name should match your company name for brand consistency and online exposure. It makes your website easy to find and boosts your trustworthiness. If your construction firm name isn’t a domain name, it can confuse customers and hurt your internet marketing.

By picking a domain name that matches your company name, you can build a strong online foundation for your construction firm and make it easier for clients to interact with you online.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to get your preferred domain name. This is why having a few possible ideas is a good idea. Do not buy domain names with hyphens in them. It looks very unprofessional. Another way to get the domain you want can sometimes be made possible by adding your state abbreviation to the end of the domain name. So it might be JohnSmithsConstructionAZ.com, where “AZ” stands for Arizona (assuming that’s where your business resides).

Ranking Your Construction Company Name in Google (SEO Optimized Business Name)

Ranking Your Construction Company Name in Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An SEO-friendly construction firm name can have a significant impact on your internet presence. By integrating significant keywords and concepts in your name, you can improve your search engine rankings. When prospective clients search for construction services online, having an SEO-optimized name increases the chances of your company appearing in the search results.

There are free and paid keyword tools that can assist you with this, but one of the easiest ways to find a valuable brand name is to conduct a Google search using the main keyword phrase from your new business name and check if it results in a Google Map listing.

For instance, if your new company’s name is “John Smith Construction,” then “construction” is the keyword. The presence of a Google Map-Pack is exactly what we want to see show up.

It should be noted that there are numerous sorts of construction enterprises that specialize in various services. As a result, many of the 249 construction names listed below may not make sense for your company, but may make sense for someone else’s. Nonetheless, many of these company names can at least generate new ideas.

130 Badass Construction Names

BuildMaster Solutions

Constructify Builders

RenovaCraft Contractors

ProvenBuild Renovations

SolidEdge Construction

PrimeCraft Builders

CraftWise Solutions

MasterRenew Contractors

FineBuild Construction


SwiftCraft Builders


BuildSense Solutions

ConstructElite Constructors

ReliableCraft Renovations

SolidStruct Solutions

PrestigeRenew Builders

CraftQuest Renovations

MasterEdge Construction


BuildSmart Builders

Constructify Proven

RenovaSense Solutions

PrimeStruct Builders

FineLineCraft Renovations

CraftWorx Solutions

MasterConstruct Builders

SolidRenew Contractors

SwiftBuild Construction

InnovateCraft Renovations

BuildSense Builders

ConstructElite Renovate

ReliableStruct Solutions

PrestigeRenew Contractors

CraftQuest Builders Inc.

MasterEdge Renovations



ConstructifySense Solutions

RenovaLine Builders

PrimeStruct Renovations


CraftWorx Builders

MasterConstruct Solutions


SwiftBuild Renovations

InnovateConstruct Builders




PrestigeRenew Solutions


MasterEdgeCraft Builders

ProBuildLine Renovations


ConstructifyWorx Solutions

RenovaLineCraft Builders

PrimeStruct Solutions


CraftWorxRenew Contractors

MasterBuild Solutions

SolidCraft Renovations

CraftGenius Builders

ProvenEdge Construction

ReliableRenew Contractors

FineLineCraft Solutions

SwiftConstruct Builders

InnovateBuild Renovations

BuildProven Solutions

ConstructWise Contractors

PrestigeCraft Renovations

SolidSense Builders

PrimeRenewal Solutions



ProBuildWorx Builders

ReliableEdge Solutions


FineStruct Contractors

InnovateGenius Construction

BuildElite Renovations

ConstructPro Solutions



PrimeConstruct Builders


MasterLineCraft Solutions

ProvenRenewal Contractors

ReliableBuild Builders

SwiftStruct Solutions


InnovateConstruct Renovations



PrestigeSense Solutions


PrimeCraftsmen Contractors


MasterEdgeWorx Solutions

ProvenStruct Builders


SwiftSenseRenew F


InnovateLine Contractors


ConstructProven Builders



PrimeConstructWorx Solutions


MasterLineGenius Builders

ProBuildRenewal Solutions



FineCraftsmen Solutions


BuildEliteLine Builders


PrestigeSenseWorx Solutions


PrimeCraftLine Builders


MasterEdgeRenewal Solutions






BuildEliteGenius Solutions

ConstructProRenewal Builders

30 Good Construction Company Names




SolidFoundation Builders

ExcelBuild Contractors

PrimeCraft Solutions


EliteBuilders Inc.

ReliableCraft Contractors



VanguardCraftsmen Solutions

StellarBuild Contractors


ConstructElite Solutions

PrimeLine Builders


PrecisionCraftsmen Solutions

SolidEdge Contractors

ExcelRenewal Builders

MasterCraft Solutions

EliteConstruct Contractors


IntegrityEdge Builders

FineBuild Solutions

SolidCraftsmen Solutions

ExcelEdge Builders

MasterfulRenewal Solutions


ReliableConstruct Builders

60 Cool Construction Company Names

BoldBuild Contractors I

conicCraft Renovations


EpicEdge Builders

EliteCraftsmen Solutions

MajesticRenew Contractors

GrandBuild Construction


StellarCraftsmen Builders

SupremeRenew Solutions

DynamicEdge Contractors


EminentBuild Builders

PinnacleRenewal Solutions

NobleCraftsmen Construction


MajesticCraft Builders

IconicRenew Solutions

VanguardEdge Contractors



BoldConstruct Solutions

GrandCraftsmen Builders


DynamicBuild Solutions

ApexRenew Contractors

NobleEdge Construction


PinnacleCraftsmen Builders

RegalRenewal Solutions


PrecisionRenew Solutions

SolidCraftsmen Contractors

ExcelEdge Builders

MasterfulRenewal Solutions


ReliableConstruct Builders

IntegrityRenew Solutions

FineEdge Contractors

VanguardCraft Solutions



ConstructifyRenewal Solutions


OptimaEdge Builders

PrecisionCraft Solutions

SolidRenewal Contractors


MasterCraft Solutions

EliteConstruct Contractors


IntegrityBuild Solutions


VanguardRenewal Builders

StellarCraftsmen Solutions

ProBuildConstruct Contractors


PrimeRenew Solutions


PrecisionConstruct Contractors

29 Catchy Construction Company Names





Constructify Builders

SolidCraft Solutions

MasterBuild Contractors

FineRenewal Builders

SwiftConstruct Solutions


PrimeBuild Builders

OptimumRenew Solutions R

eliableEdge Contractors


ConstructElite Solutions

EliteCraftsmen Builders

SolidBuild Contractors


MasterfulRenewal Builders

SwiftLine Solutions

CraftWorx Constructors


PrimeCraftsmen Builders

OptimaBuild Solutions

FineRenew Solutions

SwiftConstruct Builders

InnovateCraftsmen Solutions

PrimeBuild Contractors

OptimumRenew Builders

SEO Construction Company Names

SEO Construction Company Names

We didn’t place any search engine optimized (SEO) construction business names here because this typically involves using any combination of a [Brand, which can be the owner’s last name] + [Keyword or Keywords] +  [Localities, such as state abbreviation or city name]. So, for example, your business name could be:

  • Smith OK Construction
  • SolidBuild Contractors OK
  • OK EpicEdge Builders
  • Austin Construction Company

For SEO consideration, place your desired name into Google search to see if a Google Map pack shows up. For this test only use the keyword and the locality of the business name with this strategy. So, for example, if your desired business name was “Smith OK Construction,” don’t include your last name in the search. Only uses “OK Construction” where “OK” is the locality (Oklahoma) and “Construction is the keyword.

Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company is a HUGE company that used a very simple business name that incorporated their name (Turner) and a main keyword that makes sense for their industry (Construction Company). They rank #3 in Google nationally for the term “construction company” which pulls in roughly 6,000 visitors per month to their site. 

Meanwhile their branded terms such as “Turner Construction, Turner, & Turner Construction Company” combined bring the site roughly 11,000 visitors per month.

To be honest if you’re a new construction company or even one that’s been around for several years this kind of success takes a lot of time. That is why we say focus on locality in business names or at least in your Google Business Profile listing (formerly known as Google My Business). That will help you to drive traffic to your site from Google Maps. Those leads are pure gold and while ranking nationally for relevant keyword phrases in your construction niche are great, ranking locally where your business is located is all you really need

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Construction Company?

Starting A Construction Company

The cost of starting construction company varies depending on several aspects, including the volume of operations, your state and city location, equipment requirements, staffing requirements, licenses and permissions, marketing, and more. A detailed business strategy is required to assess the precise expenditures involved. However, the following are some usual costs to consider when budgeting for the start-up of a construction company:

  • Legal and licensing fees include the cost of registering your firm as well as getting the relevant licenses, permits, and certifications. The cost of your construction services will vary depending on your location and the sort of construction services you provide.
  • Insurance: Liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and maybe other types of coverage are often required for construction enterprises. The expenses will vary according to the size and breadth of your business.
  • Equipment and Tools: Depending on the type of construction services you provide, you may need to buy or rent equipment, tools, vehicles, and safety equipment. Costs can vary greatly depending on your individual needs.
  • Office and administrative costs include the cost of establishing an office space, purchasing office furniture, computer equipment, software, and other administrative necessities.
  • Staffing Costs: If you intend to hire people, consider the costs of salary, benefits, payroll taxes, and training.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Set aside funds to promote your construction company through marketing initiatives such as website development, internet advertising, print materials, signage, and networking events.
  • Estimate the prices of building materials, supplies, and subcontractor fees required for your projects.
  • Utilities and Overhead Costs: Include recurring charges such as utility bills, rent, maintenance, and other overhead costs associated with running your construction business.

Construction Company Business Plan

Construction Company Business Plan

As a new business owner wanting to get your construction company off the ground, it is critical to have a marketing and advertising strategy in place. There are numerous online and offline methods for marketing and advertising a construction company. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Promote your construction company using social media marketing. At the very least, set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Post photographs and videos of the project job locations that show how the construction project grows from nothing to an impressive finish. These media pieces should also be placed in your website’s “Projects” category to increase credibility with potential prospects.
  • Google Maps will be the number one source of prospects for your business from local sources. It is vital to align your website, Google Business Profile listing, and what appears on third-party directory and citation sites, which is where local SEO becomes a game changer for your new business.

Construction Company Business Cards

Construction Company Business Cards and Brochures

As a new business you should also consider incorporating graphic design into print materials. Well-designed print materials, such as letterhead, brochures, and business cards, establish a professional image and enhance brand recognition. They convey credibility and professionalism to clients, partners, and stakeholders.

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