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Everyone wants to be the number one search result on Google. And why not? High search engine rankings equate to more visits. It’s not just about the organic results anymore. Be seen by your audience the moment they’re looking with Google AdWords. AdWords can generate more leads and more sales for your business – at a price you can afford (because you set your own budget). Attract the customers at the right time. Your ads can be tailored not only to your budget but also to a location, date and time, and search device.

How our Google AdWords process works: 

Are you ready to add search engine marketing to your marketing mix? We're here to help. We will research keywords related to your industry, create the AdWords content for your new campaign and optimize your campaign and website content for best results. How do you know it’s working? We have the reports. Each month we’re managing and optimizing your campaign, we generate reports of how your keywords are performing, explain the numbers and answer any questions. 

How much will I spend each month?

You tell us. Google AdWords is flexible. You set the budget, and we’ll make sure it’s being utilized for the best results. An easy way to keep cost per click low is to optimize your on-page keyword relevance.

If your website is built in our content management system, Javelin CMS, you are already ahead of the game. Javelin CMS effectively formats your content to be parsed by search engines, but proper formatting is just part of on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website will need relevant and valuable information to rank well against other websites. Search engines crawl the internet and index content. These search engines use sophisticated algorithms to decide which content is relevant to corresponding search terms. So as they say, content is king. The more relevant your content is to the words you want to rank for – the less you are going to pay per click.

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