Welcome to the new Back40 Design Website

Our new website has been a long time coming, we have been working hard to ensure that our flow of information for our new site’s design is optimal for you, the client, to easily find our design portfolio and a means to contact us about your web design project.

We have designed our site with simplicity and usability in mind, laid out our different portfolios for web design, logo design and print design for you so we can display our fantastic work.

As you may have noticed we have also setup a blog so we can get important announcements about Back40 Design and new products to you quickly. We’ll also be writing on the blog about some of our design processes, design industry news and just about anything we can come up with. We will probably even throw out information that is happening here locally in Oklahoma such as networking events or award ceremonies.

Stay tuned with our blog and we’ll give you updates on our forthcoming javelin Content Management System. Some of the sneak-leak features are fully drag-and-drop content manipulation, inline (within the design) editing, and simple one-line tag-based templating.

Also, if you want to see what the team looks like we now have bios with quirky information in the About Us section of the website.

Take a look around, lets us know what you think about our new site design.

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