We’ve moved. Back40’s new address is 2513 S. Kelly Suite 120 Edmond, OK 73013

Redesigning The Back40 Website

Redesigning our company website was no easy task. We all had ideas, opinions and features we wanted to include. We also had client work to do, so the development work spanned several months.

Back40 Design Website To-Dos

Our vision for the new site was simple: Bring the Back40 client experience closer to the client. We believe this goal was achieved 3 ways.

1. Emotionally

While we have always been a fan of putting our mugs on our website, we took it a step further on our new website by including video.

Back40 Website Redesign

2. Structurally

Our decision to move the portfolio ‘one click back’ on our global navigation was a strategic one. We wanted prospective clients to know, learn, experience our depth of web services as they clicked toward our portfolios of work. Our global navigation also separates our web and print design services to further display the breadth of Back40’s design services.

3. Functionally

Our redesigned blog demonstrates our intent to allow clients to move from category to category and to learn more about our design work. A prospective client may start looking at blog, link in to our Oil & Gas website designs, then click onto mobile, and then onto web hosting – all from the portfolio section. A path that will convey our array of professional design services.

Here’s a breakdown of the some of the new website features:

  • active portfolio with categories, services, and technologies applied
  • organized blog with categories, archives, authors, and recent articles
  • videos connecting visitors to our web team
  • 2 friendly and informative custom contact forms
  • Back40 team unified on one page
  • timeline with visuals
  • affective web design and print design pages
  • stunning mobile portfolio
  • featured clients among over 400 loyal clients
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