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Part 2: How to Choose an Objective for Facebook Marketing Campaigns

In our first post in this series, we talked about some of the benefits of advertising on Facebook, and when you should consider using Facebook ads in your marketing mix. If you haven’t yet, go back and read it now!

In Part 2 (this post), we’ll dive into the different campaign objectives and what each of them means.

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Facebook Campaign Objectives (and when to use them)

These are the most common campaign objectives our clients use:

  • Page Post Engagement. Pay for people in your target audience to see a post. Use if you want to promote something you’ve posted – like an event, an update about your business, a link to a blog post or article, a photo or a job listing. You’ll pay per 1,000 impressions when the post shows up in your audience’s news feed.
  • Page Likes. Grow your Facebook audience by getting people to Like your brand page. Pay per Like, or pay per 1,000 impressions on that ad.  
  • Clicks to Website. Use this when you want people to visit your site. Pay per website visit, or pay for impressions on the ad.
  • Website Conversions. Optimize for & pay when people complete a certain action on your site (you’ll need to add a Facebook Pixel to your site to track this). You can choose to pay per 1,000 impressions, per click, or per conversion. Facebook helps you optimize for conversions by showing your ad to people who are more likely to convert, based on having similar online behaviors to those who have converted in the past.

Facebook Like Hands

Have you determined your campaign objective? Then it’s time to set up your campaign(s)! You’ll set a budget for each objective, and you can test different target audiences and ad creative in multiple variations. 

Our next post is all about choosing the perfect target audience for your Facebook Ads.

We can help you define and reach your target audience through Facebook Ads and other digital media. Learn about our services or Contact Us to learn more.

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