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Our First Australian Client

It’s not every day you get to work with someone halfway across the world. But, we did. 

We love when our clients grow. One of our long-term, local clients partnered with an Australia-based consulting firm, PeopleScape, to form a new organization with several offices across the world: Steople. 

Steople is a team of psychologists and organizational development specialists that help achieve success through people. They help their clients create great places to work, which, in turn, delivers great business outcomes.

Rebranding Locally & Abroad

We worked initially with the US office to create the new Steople branding: logo, print materials and website. We then worked with the Australia and New Zealand offices to launch an updated, rebranded website.

5 Fun Project Discoveries

  1. Skype and client communications need to planned far in advance. Australia is 15 hours ahead of Edmond, OK.
  2. Instead of the common “Howdy!”, WordPress greets Australian logged-in users with “G’day!” 
  3. Facebook does not have the same prominence for businesses in Australia as it does here. LinkedIn is the best choice for professional service business’ social media.
  4. Our devs had to adjust our spell check to Aussie-speak: Different spellings on certain words like “organisation” and “behaviour”
  5. Tone and messaging isn’t a one-for-one between the US office and the Australia and New Zealand office. We worked closely with the Australia team to keep brand messaging in a “native” tone.

At the end of the day, it’s about understanding our client and serving them to the best of our ability – whether they are in Shawnee America or Melbourne Australia.

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