Our Apple Adventure: Macs at Back40

With the news of Steve Jobs passing, I wanted to post some thoughts on my longtime relationship with his amazing creation, the Macintosh computer.

In 1985, as I graduated from design school, they were literally wheeling in the Macs as we left. I had just attended 4 years at the country’s best design school and never used a computer.

In 1995, I bought my first Mac. A Power Macintosh 7100. At that time, I was a syndicated cartoonist and I wanted to make a fan website for my cartoon strip, DAVE. I ordered the 7100 by phone from the Mac Warehouse catalog (because I didn’t have internet – that’s how we rolled back then). It was a beige desktop model. Not much to look at. It had a floppy drive and a separate modem. I also ordered a scanner, Wacom pad, a rather large CRT monitor and PhotoShop 5.5. Soon I was in business, scanning my hand-drawn cartoons and building them digitally – and making my first website: DAVEtoon.com. I was smitten.

When Apple Macintosh 7100s dream cartoon

I used that Mac for a long time. I retired it in 2000, when I started Back40 Design. My new business deserved a new computer, so I bought an iMac. One of those bulbous fruit-flavored ones. Mine was lime green. The iMac was available in several configurations. I was trying to save cash for this start-up endeavor, so I opted for the cheaper, slower, base model. As I drove home from CompUSA, I pulled over