Contact Form or Email Address?

Every website needs a Contact page. When you’re planning yours, is it best to use a contact form to gather leads and track inquiries, or should you list an email address?

The debate rages on.

We scoured the latest research the Internet has to offer to bring you our conclusion.


UX research on the topic is split.

“Most users are afraid that if they sign up for a website, they’ll get spammed. This is mainly a problem for sign up forms that ask for the user’s email.”
– Anthony, UX Movement 

“Data doesn’t lie, and the data shows that asking for a phone number will kill your conversions.”
– Marvin Russell, My Site Auditor

“Having a form on your website with a few input boxes…is the easiest way for visitors to your website to send you a message.”
– Martin, Tempertemper

“I have some visitors who tell me that they won’t do business with companies that don’t display their email address on their site.”
– Christopher Heng, The Site Wizard

In some cases, a form is unavoidable. For example, when