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Back40 recently partnered with The Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM) to breathe new life into their website. The multifaceted process addressed both the visual and functional elements of the site to enhance the overall user experience. 

Since the beauty of Native American culture runs as a common thread throughout ATALM’s mission to support Indigenous programs and provide culturally relevant services, adding impactful visuals was a significant first step. 

“The redesigned website pays homage to the museums and archives represented by ATALM,” explained Back40 graphic designer, Kasey Toliver. “We really had an opportunity to showcase the vibrant artwork and colors and the rich cultural heritage they embody.” From the first page of the new website, visitors are welcomed by images of colorful beadwork, intricate carvings, and the bold ATALM logo. 

In addition to featuring the ample artwork produced by ATALM’s programs, the website addressed navigation, making it easier for visitors to move from page to page and digest essential information on each one. 



“One of the standout additions is a dynamic calendar feature, providing visitors with a glimpse into upcoming events and current programs,” Kasey said. “This not only enhances the user experience but also keeps the community informed and engaged.”

Back40 Senior Project Manager, Tim Warner contributed his expertise to improving the site’s content and navigation, all with the goal of providing a seamless user experience. To accomplish this, Tim reworked the website’s navigation into a more intuitive structure that enables users to find the information they seek in as few clicks as possible. 

In addition to highlighting the richness of Indigenous culture, ATALM’s site needed to encourage action. The updated layout includes clear calls to action, inviting visitors to partake in programming, register for events, and join the ATALM mailing list for ongoing connection. 

Perhaps the most drastic update made was mobile optimization. Where the previous website was not formatted for mobile-friendliness, the new website adapts to serve users no matter what screen they’re on. 

With these improvements, ATALM looks forward to expanding their network of support for Indigenous programs.

Vist atalm.org to see the live site!

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