2nd Quarter Bonuses & Open Books Management

Well if you don’t work at Back40 Design and the Edmond Outlook, you missed it. We dispersed our 2nd quarter bonuses this week. It was quite awesome. Our web department is on track to hit 20% bonus (of annual salary) this year. Here’s some stuff people did with their bonuses:

Things we did with our web design bonus

  • Added to down payment for a new home.
  • Bought a new iPhone.
  • Much-needed sprinkler repairs.
  • Added funds to wedding plans.
  • Put funds into savings.
  • Family vacation.
  • Bought a lawnmower.
  • Bought some performance parts for motorcycle (not me).
  • Bought some performance parts for car (me).

We run an open books company where everyone here knows what we spend, invoice and make. We go through the numbers every month to forecast, educate and analyze.

Running an open books company does pose some challenges. As the owner, I find it increasingly difficult (but not impossible) to hide items like Ducati motorcycles and love child support, but its for the best. The more our B40ers know about the business, the more they think and act like business owners – and we all share in the profits.

Read more about our open books system.

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