Dave Miller


Dave directs operations at Back40. With over 30 years
in the design arts, there's no substitute for the
experience and vision Dave has for his design clients.
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JR Ross: Account Executive JR Ross

Back40 Account Executive

If you're a new design client, JR is probably the first person you'll meet. He understands how Back40 can help build your web presence.

Reyna Wilcox: Web Department Manager Reyna Wilcox

Web Department Manager

Have a question? Reyna is your “go to” person. Reyna manages the team and our  production schedule. FYI, her name is pronounced “Reneé.”

JR Ross: Account Executive Jennay Wangen

Web Project Manager

Jennay’s the first voice you hear when calling Back40. Switching from client to employee, she understands where you’re coming from and is happy to help.

Ryan Kirkpatrick: Graphic Designer Robbie Knight

Senior Graphic Designer

Web, print and branding - Robbie's got your design needs covered. He's also a twin, so we're not really sure its him all the time.  

Jon Fields: Web Programmer/Network Administrator Jon Fields

Senior Systems Engineer

Jon manages our hosting & networking services and leads our custom programming assignments. He likes to code, but he'd probably rather be riding his Harley.

Jon Fields: Web Programmer/Network Administrator Jerry Wall

Web Programmer

A programmer that can code and communicate? Yep, Jerry programs many of our custom web applications. His code is clean. His Harley isn't.

Andrea Shanks: Bookeeper & Office Manager Andrea Shanks

Bookkeeper & Office Manager

Andrea keeps up the day-to-day operations for client accounts. She is accessible, cheerful and has a sense of humor (a rare quality in bookkeepers).

Laura Beam: Outlook Sales Manager Laura Beam

OUTLOOK Sales Manager

Marketing to the Edmond/NOKC market? Laura is your OUTLOOK Magazine advertising contact. She's always on the go, so it's best to reach her on her cell.

Brian Myers: Back40 Design Account ExecutiveDaxton Sinclair

Marketing Strategist

Daxton's your marketing guru - here to strategize the best avenues to expand your brand. He also folds a mean pocket square.

Jonathan Siler: Web Project Manager Jonathan Siler

Web Project Manager

Jonathan is a methodical planner, which comes in handy for managing our custom programming projects. Ask him about his two Emmy Awards.

Ryan Kirkpatrick: Graphic Designer Ryan Kirkpatrick

Senior Graphic Designer

Ryan's a left brain/right brain designer with a background in engineering and creative design. He specializes in designing custom websites and logos.

Luke Southern: Senior Graphic DesignerLuke Southern

Senior Graphic Designer

A pixel perfectionist, Luke has a keen eye for design with a background in art direction and illustration. His visual skills are as sharp as his woodworking tools.

Matt Milburn: Senior Web Developer Matt Milburn

Senior Web Developer

Matt takes our client-approved designs and puts them into production. He specializes in frontend development focusing on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but also has an eye for design.

Justin Green: Web Developer Justin Green

Web Developer

Justin is a web production machine. He's part of a development team that creates websites that load quickly and navigate intuitively.

Jessica Hough: Web Developer Jessica Hough

Web Programmer

Whether she's troubleshooting on a support call or editing content for a website launch. Jessica's quick and accurate - great qualities for a programmer.

Bethany Scott: Outlook Project Manager Bethany Marshall

Outlook Creative Director

Bethany manages freelancers, edits articles and designs ads for our "Direct-mail magazine with a heart for local stories."