Back40 Design services

15 years of building websites and 10 years of publishing a monthly magazine. That’s a lot of experience with deadlines, client relations, content creation and production schedules. What else does a client need? How about ideas. 

When you hire Back40 Design, that’s what you can expect. Ideas. Because our best thinking happens when our designers, developers, project managers and programmers work together on your project.

We're a design firm. We've always been a design firm. We understand our clients hire us to solve problems. And we solve those problems through design. Not just by making things pretty, but by making ideas that work.

It's how we've built and grown our business. It's how we’ll help grow yours.

Our Design Process:

Back40 Design Process

Project Definition

You will meet with your website designer and project manager either face-to-face or in an online meeting. At this time, the design survey will be reviewed and website goals will be discussed.


This phase involves processing design meeting observations, survey results, and industry research to develop this criteria into a visual direction. Your designer will present a custom home page and secondary page design(s) for review and possible revisions. Upon approval, your project will be placed into the production schedule.


This phase takes the approved designs into production. Designs are "cut-up" to create a functioning website development link. This phase also entails the integration of our Javelin content management system (CMS) into the web page structure, allowing for easy updates and future changes. This phase culminates in the creation of a clickable website and the delivery of a development link to the client.


Your website is now ready for content. Back40 Design will input and style content as allowed for by our agreement. When your development link is available to you, you may also begin adding content. If your project has custom programming, the newly created code will be compiled into a Javelin CMS module and tested.


Our developers will test your website functions, navigation, and custom programming (if applicable) on multiple supported web browsers (ex: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) to ensure compatibility. Once approved, the site will be ready for launch.


You will meet with your project manager who will train you on the Javelin CMS. The website is now ready to be maintained by you and your team.


With approval, the website may now be launched live on the web.