Support, CMS, & Hosting

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Cloud HostingThis is Back40’s 18th year in the design service industry. That's a lot of designing, a lot of clients and a lot of hosting. Over all those years and projects we’ve earned trust and built relationships. The main ingredient of those relationship is the empathy and understanding of what are clients need and want from their design partners. That’s why we bundle cloud hosting, our powerful CMS, and easy-to-reach support staff into our service package. The three services constitute a reliable foundation for a lasting relationship. Now more than ever, we believe our success is about being of service.

We don't just build you website and leave you hanging.

Think of us as an extension of your team. If you have a question or an idea about a project? Call us, email us, or stop by - really. We’re like a sounding board for your digital design ideas. When you call Back40, you will speak to someone who is ready to answer your questions without getting stuck in a tiered support system.

Maintenance made easy

Updating your new website should be easy. We offer content management system (CMS) solutions to fit our clients' needs. Our own CMS, Javelin, gives you powerful editing tools to keep your web content accurate. We built Javelin for our clients, and we maintain it in-house. It's intuitive, and it's easy to use. We also offer custom website development in Wordpress, the world's most popular CMS. We'll be happy to integrate with the CMS that fits your needs the best. 

Cloud hosting & DDOS protection

There’s no upside to downtime. We host most all the web projects we design. Why? Because we learned a long time ago that we can help our clients the way mega-hosts can’t - with personal service. Our clients appreciate that. If they have an issue, they can call or click and get answers. Rest assured, our hosting services is cloud based and protected from denial of service attacks (DDOS). We maintain our network and monitor our servers 24/7.

Content Management System

Content management systems allow users to easily update and maintain their own websites. You simply log in and add pages, fix typos, edit functionality, place images without having to know HTML or CSS ─ we must say it’s pretty darn easy. 

Javelin CMS

Back40’s primary system of choice is Javelin CMS, which powers over 750 of our client websites. It’s highly customizable and flexible. Javelin gives you the power to do it yourself. Key Features Include:

  • No Page Limits
  • Easy Customization
  • Built-in Blogging, Text, Photos, Video and More
  • Full Training and Ongoing Support
  • 24/7 Help Site 

With more than 20 unique modules available, you can create and customize your website in whatever way you choose. And, if you get stuck? We’re always here for you. Check out our CMS Help Files or give us a call. 


We understand that no single CMS is the right fit for every project. That's why we also build custom websites in WordPress, the world's most popular CMS. Wordpress allows the flexibility of hosting your site on your own internal servers.


There’s no upside to downtime.

Our clients have enough to do. Worrying about hosting shouldn’t be one of them. Our Back40-managed hosting platform has been uniquely crafted to handle the traffic, support and protection your website needs ─ allowing you to focus on your business.

We’ve been bundling our support, hosting and CMS for 18 years. All of Back40’s websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and all Plus sites are protected from malicious DDOS attacks by CloudFlare. Read more about our partners.


Lose your login? Again?

We provide training, hosting, and support for every website we build. So, yes, we can help you. 

What you need to know about our support:

  • Help Desk Support - Probably the most effective way to get an urgent issue addressed. Simply login and post your request. Help Desk tickets go directly to the individuals who will be assisting you. Visit Help Desk Support
  • Email Support - If you you don't know who to email, send it to and we will route the request to the correct staff member.
  • Phone Support - If you call 405-478-4080 Extension 2 during business hours (M-F, 9-5PM CST), a real live person in our office answers the phone. After hours, we utilize a voice messaging system.
  • In-Person Support - We're happy to help. Contact us so we can schedule a time.