Back40 Design custom programming

Check under the hood, you'll find custom web programming

Nearly every website we build runs on our proprietary CMS called Javelin. And nearly every website we build has custom functions that are extensions of Javelin. Javelin has all the standard web tools you've come to expect in a CMS (and then some), but Javelin's unique structure allows us to quickly develop custom functions for our clients.

Some examples: A funeral home's site automatically sends condolences. A CNG conversion business calculates savings through a input sliders, a password-protected church directory allows more interactivity for members, an allergy level system alerts web visitors of today's conditions.

How our custom web design process works:

After your initial consultation, our web account executive, JR, will visit with the production team regarding your project. If more information is needed, you'll be contacted by one of our project managers with follow-up questions. Once we've reviewed your project's needs, the programming scope will be included in the project proposal.

What you need to know about our custom programming service:

  • Detailed project parameters will facilitate the design and build process.
  • Receiving copies of any databases included in the project will facilitate the scoping process.
  • If the programming project is large, considering a phased approach may allow for a better executed result.
  • If you can not explain the project to us, we can help you document the programming needs - but this level of consulting may incur additional costs