Website Design Process

Every project is unique, but they all follow the same process:

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Web Design Process


1. Strategize

Our process starts with open communication. We want to know everything. During this phase, you’ll meet with your website designer and project manager either face-to-face or in an online meeting to define goals, and set realistic timelines.

We Will:

What We Need From You: 

Open and honest discussion. Our process doesn't work without a free flow of ideas from both parties involved.

2. Design

Next, our team will combine your design survey responses, details from the design meeting, and additional market research to create the design and user interface for your new website.

We Will:

  • Submit Wireframe Designs of Your New Website for Review & Possible Revisions as Defined in Your Project Scope
  • Submit Full Designs with any Changes from the Wireframes for Review and Approval (or revisions)
  • Upon Approval, Your Design(s) Will be Placed into the Production Schedule

What We Need From You:

Content and domain details. During this part of the process, you'll also be working on creating content for your new site based on the sitemap and site structure we determined in the design meeting. As you have items ready, you can submit them to your project manager. You'll also need to locate your domain registrar login information so that we can launch your site when you're ready.

3. Develop

This phase transforms your approved designs into a functioning website. Programmers will create and test any custom programming (if applicable). We'll show you how to manage, create and control your website content through our Javelin Content Management System. At the end of this phase, your custom designed and tested website will be ready to launch.

We Will: 

  • Cut Up Your Approved Design and Place it into Our Javelin CMS
  • Send You a Fully-Functioning Development Site Populated with the Content You've Submitted
  • Train You and Your Team on How to Update Your New Site in Javelin CMS
  • Test Your Website Across Browsers and Operating Systems to Ensure Compatibility
  • Upon Approval, Launch Your New Website

What We Need From You: 

Final content items, an hour of time for training (and a willingness to learn), and final approval to launch your site. Keep in mind, you'll be trained on how to edit your site so that it can grow with your business. 

4. Launch

The moment you've been waiting for: the website is launched live on the internet.

What Happens at Launch:

Once we update the records, the site will be live on the internet and browsers will begin updating to display your new site. During this time period, some users may see your old and your new site alternatively some users may have difficulty viewing your new site as domain records propagate.

Analytics and Tracking:

We install Google Analytics universal tracking code on your website and give you access to the account so that you can easily view who's visiting your site, what page they stay on and for how long, and where they are coming from. How does this help? Analytics empowers you with the data you need to make educated decisions on how to grow your site with your business. 

5. Support

We don't just launch your website and leave you hanging. We're here for you every step of the way: if you forget how to log in, need help resizing images, or need to expand into other marketing services. Learn more about our support services.