People scan the web for information. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they go to another web page or to another website altogether.


Intuitive navigation, clearly labeled links, and great page layout will aid in getting your visitors the information they seek, however, effective content is paramount. As they say “content is king.”


An added benefit of well-crafted content is improved search engine ranking. The team at Back40 understands how search engines parse and index web page content and they can improve performance of your website.


We’ve seen grown men and women let their website languish, unfinished and unlaunched, for fear of writing a single “about us” paragraph. With the experience that comes from building hundreds of websites, Back40 Design Group can assist you with crafting your web content, easing your fears.


Back40 Design Group publishes the monthly Edmond Outlook magazine. We contract writing services from more than a dozen writers, several who specialize in web/marketing writing. Most projects start with an in-person interview, followed by phone calls and emails until each phrase has the perfect marketing message you desire.