Content Writing

Content Writing

14 years of creating content.

We've seen grown men and women let their websites languish, unfinished and unlaunched, for fear of writing a single "About Us" paragraph. There's no need to let that happen. We can help you with your content.

Great content is a perfect balance between speaking to your customers and making the search engines happy. At Back40 Design, we've been creating engaging content on a monthly basis for our magazine, the OUTLOOK, for 14 years. We compose, edit, produce and approve for print every month. We have the experience to create your content. Each month, we utilize a proven network of writers and photographers.

Content creation AND the experience of developing hundreds of websites: We've got your content covered. 

How our content development process works:

We'll help. When we organize your content, we'll make suggestions on crafting your message. If we are writing content for you, you can expect us to research, interview, compose and submit website copy for you to approve. We can also be contracted to place and format your website content.

What you should know about our website content services:

  • We have a reliable network of writers, editors and photographers.
  • We can recommend several videographers if you are looking to include video on your website.
  • We can be contracted by the page, by the hour or by the assignment.