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Providence Working Canines trains and deploys teams of certified working dogs and handlers to locate illicit substances in schools, workplaces, and pubic arenas. With this job, the handlers and admins are required to complete numerous forms ─ logging all the details of the search that was conducted, training for their dogs, and much more. The custom web design and development provides a login-only accessible custom programming where the handlers are able to complete all the required team paperwork. 

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Providence Working Canines - Custom Web DevelopmentCustom Web Application

The custom programming is uniquely styled for the iPad (what handlers use in the field) so that forms can be updated and submitted while at a work site. Unique forms exist for incidents (when dogs are called to check locations, such as schools, stadiums, etc.) and training (when they test the dog for health and against different types of odors, such as contraband or explosives). Both forms contain touch-sensitive signature areas where a person can use a finger or stylus to sign their name.

In addition to tracking the general reports, handlers can hone in on exactly what they found at the work site ─ easily maintaining chain of custody over the evidence found. The programming feature doesn't require forms to be submitted on site. An additional feature provides a "save for later" feature so the form can be saved as-is, and then completed and signed at a later date.

But what good is a form if the information just sits there? The programming project also incorporated functionality allowing for each handler to download and/or email each entry easily from their admin view.

Grateful for being able to ease the reporting process, Vice President of Providence Working Canines Steve Mortenson says, "Once again, we would like to thank you for the development of the Providence site. Jonathan's tenacious vision allowed the project to realize its ultimate completion and for this we are extremely thankful. Every day, while in the Field, we think of Back40 Design and your partnership with Providence each time we utilize our iPad's. Your skills are second to none..."

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