Ortho Plus


The goal for the Ortho Plus logo design was to create a clean, versatile and easy to read typeface that communicates "medical" without traditional visuals. The logo's typography was created from a bold sans serif typeface with a customized variation that can be used with and without the tagline. Combining the "+" and the "P" creates a unique mark with subtle ties to the medical industry. 

Back40 Design Logo Project: Ortho Plus

Back40 Design Logo Project: Ortho Plus brand colors

Back40 Design Logo Project: Ortho Plus brand color variations

Custom Web Design

The website design features custom illustrations that convey the ease and affordability of making a trip to the Ortho Plus clinic, instead of the ER. Whe website is easy to navigate, and guides the user through the highlights of the clinic and how to get there. 

Back40 Design Website Project: Ortho Plus

Print Design

To complement the website and logo design, Back40 created customized print materials for the Ortho Plus clinic including: letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. 

Back40 Design Print Project: Ortho Plus