Nelson Landscaping

Custom Web Design

Nelson Landscaping specializes in landscaping, outdoor lighting, retaining walls, irrigation systems, and maintenance for residential and commercial customers. Nelson Landscaping needed a new website that highlighted their landscaping design and installation skills. The design features recent projects, service information, customer testimonials and quick access to contact Nelson and get a free quote for your next project.Back40 Design Website Project: Nelson Landscaping

Digital Marketing

Back40 has managed a Google AdWords campaign for Nelson Landscaping since June 2015. We promote the Nelson Landscaping website to people in the OKC Metro Area who are looking for landscaping services - from lawn care and maintenance to pergolas and retaining walls. 

Back40 Digital Marketing Project: NelsonBack40 Digital Marketing Project: NelsonBack40 Digital Marketing Project: Nelson

We continuously monitor and adjust these campaigns, optimizing for click-through rate (CTR) and for conversions. This campaign has a 3% all-time conversion rate, meaning 3% of all people who click on our ads request an estimate from Nelson Landscaping. The campaign currently has a 3% CTR, higher than the Consumer Services industry average of 2.4% (source).

Not only is our client seeing more contact form submissions and phone calls from these ads, but Google AdWords and his Back40-designed website are major contributors to his book of business:

"My largest project from 2016 found out about us through Google AdWords. They said the things that persuaded them to go with Nelson over a competitor were the design of our website, and being able to find us in Google Search."

-Andy Nelson, Nelson Landscaping (current client)


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