Lam Dermatology

Award Winner Award Winning Branding by the American Advertising Federation


The objective of the Lam Dermatology logo was to create a simple and recognizable mark. The design needs to carry a professional and modern appearance to separate the medical side from the cosmetic side of dermatology. The mark represents the “L” and “D” of Lam Dermatology using a continuous line similar to lines in the skin. The shape creates a recognizable monogram that can stand alone. The all caps, sans serif typeface is used to be complimentary to the mark.

Back40 Design Branding Project: Lam Dermatology

Above, you'll see the final logo with color application in place – but a lot goes into creating a logo. We start with pen to paper, sketching out options, working to create and refine ideas. 

Back40 Design Branding Project: Lam Dermatology, logo sketches

From there, we pick the top 3 strongest options we feel achieve all the goals of the project and will provide a long and lasting branding direction for the client. We present these options to the client with rationale behind each of the designs so they can select the best direction for their brand.

Back40 Design Branding Project: Lam Dermatology, alternate marks and logo options

For Lam Dermatology, this was the winner:

Back40 Design Branding Project: Lam Dermatology, final logo