Dr. Keith's Wellness Options


Dr. Keith (formerly Oklahoma Weight Loss Options) has been providing weight loss options in Oklahoma for nearly 15 years. Now that the practice is expanding to include a wider range of wellness options, not just weight loss surgeries, Dr. Keith needed to rebrand. Back40 Design incorporated Dr. Keith's well-known moniker with traditional imagery in a modern, yet sophisticated way. 


Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Branding Project: Dr. Keith Wellness Options

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Dr. Keith's Wellness Options provides locally and nationally accredited weight loss surgical options. Two of the most popular surgeries are: Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap-Band®) and Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve). As with any surgical procedure, there's a lot of information to consider and to understand prior to committing to the surgery. With this in mind, Back40 created 2 infographics that help users understand the process and benefits in a visual and easy-to-digest way. 

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Website Project: Dr. Keith Wellness Options

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