Dillingham Insurance

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As Dillingham Insurance enters into its 90th year, it was time to update the company logo and branding. In redesigning the Dillingham brand, our designer's aim was to capture the strength, longevity, and quality service displayed in the company's rich history. Our team explored several variations of a unique logo mark. The final logo a 'D' on a 4 shade background representative of the company main service areas, and has a symmetric typeface arrangement to represent a firm foundation.

Dillingham Insurance Logo exploration, a Back40 Design branding project

Dillingham Insurance Logo, a Back40 Design branding project

Custom Web Design

With the new branding solidified, our team proceeded into the website redesign. The responsive site design features quick calls to action for Dillingham's primary service areas with details about who the company is, what they do, and how they are unique. 

Dillingham Insurance website, a Back40 Design project

Dillingham Insurance website icons, a Back40 Design project


Custom Interior Page Designs

In addition to the custom homepage and interior page design, our team took the development to the next level. We created unique layouts focusing on the company's history and unique client process. 

Dillingham Insurance website, a Back40 Design project

Print Design

The redesign carried through to print materials as well. Our team designed a complete suite of new letterhead, business cards, folders, labels, thank you cards, envelopes and additional presentation materials that stayed true to the new brand.

Dillingham Insurance business card, a Back40 Design print project