Hopkins Dental Clinic


Back40 Design met with Loree Hopkins of Hopkins Dental to learn more about the practice, what made them unique and how they wanted their business to be portrayed. With this insight, comprehensive research and a lot of creative energy, Back40's Graphic Designers went to work sketching out more than 30 hand-drawn logo concepts.

From there, the designers picked out the top contenders that incorporated both the client's expectations and research findings. After much deliberation with the client, we were able to develop a branding direction that incorporated traditional and modern aspects while incorporating obvious visual cues with the Hopkins name.


Back40 Design | Hopkins Dental Branding Package


After receiving the complete branding package, Hopkins Dental quickly applied the design to its practice starting with a new sign for their front entrance.

"We share a breezeway with other practitioners who already had a professional logo on their door. The day we applied our new logo, their patients began to walk right past their entrance into our office. We would have to physically direct their patients back to the correct entrance literally 11 inches away from our entrance!  We originally thought it to be an anomaly, but it continues to happen almost daily," said Loree.

The new branding application didn't end there. Hopkins came back to Back40 for a complete brand identity package, including: envelopes, letterhead, business cards and appointment cards. And, this was the result: the "unexpected use of color to draw the eye to pertinent information, subtle unique variations of the traditional that appeal to the older generation, others that are anything but traditional and appeal to younger patients, logo unification aspects, and incredible attention to detail resulted in an impressive overall presentation that now sets us apart from our competitors."

Back40 Design - Edmond, OK | Hopkins Dental Practice Print Design