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Journey Quilt Company is a local, Edmond-based business serving customers locally and nationally. They developed a unique service that is custom-tailored for their clients -- the mosaic t-shirt quilt! This creation solves the dilemma of what to do with those stacks of t-shirts you keep for sentimental reasons and transforms them into beautiful and useful quilts.

Web Design

Each quilt they make is unique with memories and nostalgia to the person for which they are created. Our goal with this design was to showcase that body of work while also conveying the unique stories each quilt tells. We used colored square shapes that are reminiscent of quilts tied with images of completed quilts and people enjoying them. Each service is given a page to explain what it is as well as illustrate examples allowing the user to get an understanding of what they can expect.

The website also expanded many business functions for Journey Quilt. Adding custom online order forms helps free up time for the Journey Quilt team and improves the customer experience.

Web Design
Web Design

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