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4Legs4Pets Cots are pet cots used by boarding/kennels, training facilities, travel, home, camping & more. The cots are made and assembled in the USA with USA-made raw materials by Mahar Manufacturing, a 31-year-old family-owned and operated manufacturer of creative cots (cots, rest mats, tables, chairs) located in Van Buren, Arkansas.

The cots are created with the busy pet owner in mind: they’re easy to assemble and transport - no tools or hardware needed. 4Legs4Pets Cots are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Web Design

Over the past several years, 4Legs4Pets had experienced issues with shipping calculations, images on the site, and poor customer support with their previous website services provider. They were ready for a change.

That's when they found Back40. 

The goals for the website project were to: 

  • Design and develop a custom Wordpress theme that’s energetic, modern, and easy to use to help entice customers to learn more about 4Legs4Pets and complete purchases.
  • Custom build e-commerce functionality and shipping details in order to decrease the number of erroneous shipping charges 4Legs4Pets receives.
  • Reorganize and reformat content so that it’s more engaging and provides a more logical flow for the user. 

After meeting and reviewing the company's needs, wants, and goals, Back40 built a new website design that's bright & energetic. The website features custom e-commerce functionality that's not only easy to update as a website admin but easy to use as a customer. 

It was important to appeal to 4Legs4Pets' two target audiences: retail and wholesale customers. Retail customers can browse or build their cots and purchase directly through the website. Whereas, wholesale customers can easily apply online to be an approved wholesale customer prior to ordering. 

Cots can be purchased and shipped to anywhere in the continental US. With very custom boxing and shipment needs, Back40 developers collaborated with FedEx to create custom order shipments for as accurate shipping costs and charges as possible – making each order more profitable.

One unique thing that 4Legs4Pets offers is custom cots. Cots can be printed with the customer’s logo on different fabric colors, or uniquely built to meet their desired style. Building the trademarked "Build-a-Cot" feature required extra collaboration between our design and development teams. Custom photography and color matching layered with selected attributes allow a customer to build and see the cot they create directly on the website.

In addition to our website design and development services, 4Legs4Pets looked forward to working with us because Back40's there for you long after the site launched. Our support team is dedicated to providing premier customer support via phone calls during normal operating hours and a support ticket messaging system 24/7, eliminating the stress of working with their former service provider.

Web Design

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