E-School Virtual Charter Academy


E-School Virtual Charter Academy is an online school dedicated to bringing a high-quality, rigorous curriculum to high-achieving students. Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade can succeed and advance on their own time and schedule while still being challenged by requirements that exceed Oklahoma standards. 

One of the challenges for online schools is that they can be considered less challenging than a traditional school. As a new e-school, it was important to also convey the legitimacy of the program and the curriculum to prospective students and parents. They were in need of branding, a mascot, website and social media assets. 

Logo Design

The new E-school branding stands out from its competition. The design, logo mark and color palette convey intelligence, growth and wisdom. The logo incorporates a feather, which is symbolic of an owl, has the structure of a quill pen, and resembles an arrow. The green and gold color scheme communicates growth and prestige. The branding appeals to students and parents alike. 

Brand Design

Web Design

With the branding in place, our team continued into the website project. The goal of the website is to educate visitors on the school and the possibilities for its students, encouraging new enrollments. Students can trust that they'll receive a superior education with E-School. Since online education isn't the norm, the website also had to educate potential students and parents about the benefits and opportunities it provides. 

Web Design

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