737 Duck Calls


737 Duck Calls is a direct to consumer e-commerce business that crafts custom, premium duck calls for hunters and enthusiasts alike. They needed an online presence that was not only functional but as custom as their business. They also needed a robust e-commerce solution so that customers can order their custom calls online with just a few clicks. 

Web Design

737 Duck Calls had grown, and they needed an updated website with new functionality that would allow them to manage their inventory, promote and provide special offers for specific products, and continue to add to their e-commerce store.

Back40 met with 737 Duck Calls to review their likes, dislikes, goals and needs. We then designed a simple and clean website that maintained the 737 brand. With the majority of users accessing the website from a mobile device, it was key to ensure a good user experience from small device sizes. The new website now provides featured products, a custom interior layout about 737, and showcases their calls and merchandise in a clean way that's easy to use.

A lot of the new functionality is taken care of on the backend. Admins are able to set inventory by product and even by raw material (that would be used to create the ordered product). The website allows 737 to easily run promotions to their social media fans with customer and product specific coupons. By integrating with the shipping label generator, the website generates order confirmations and shipment notifications directly to the customer – streamlining the order fulfillment process.

Web Design

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