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Fully Involved Home Inspections is a new business started by an OKC firefighter. He created the name based on the firefighter term "fully involved," which refers to fire, heat and smoke in a structure being so widespread that internal access must wait until fire streams can be applied. Fully Involved performs complete and total exterior and interior home inspections.

Logo Design

As a new business, Fully Involved was in need of a new logo design and branding. Starting fresh is always a great opportunity for our team. We meet one-on-one with the client to review their needs, desire and vision for their business with a goal of understanding what makes them unique. What's interesting about the home inspectors is that they always find things that the average homeowner or person would miss. They uncover the details of what's hidden in the structure.

Fully Involved wanted a bold, powerful, professional logo while incorporating traditional firefighter colors and the letter "F."

We designed a unique logo mark that played off a housing plan, managing to include a hidden "F" to hint at how they uncover what's not easily seen. The modern font and structure lends itself easily to print marketing and digital marketing applications.

Brand Design

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