Founded in 2007, Tigunia, LLC is a software and information technology consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, and managed IT services. They provide planning, implementation, customization, and all-around support services aimed at delivering the best solution for their client’s specific needs. 

Logo Design

In designing a logo for Tigunia, the goal was to create a brand image that is sophisticated and adaptable, yet also approachable and economical. 

For the design, we've created a custom, hand-crafted typeface. The letterforms are built on a grid with an intentional shape symmetry to promote the adaptive nature of the product. Subtle curvatures were included to give an approachable and user-friendly feel. 

Brand Design

Print Design

Tigunia attends various conferences throughout the year to acquire new customers and generate brand awareness. They were in need of new print marketing materials and booth display materials that matched their branding. 

Back40 created a brochure that can be handed out to potential customers, business cards, a retractable banner, and a large, banner backdrop.

Print Design

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