Pan-Op, LLC


Pan-Op is a full service right-of-way, survey and non-destructive testing oil & gas company serving Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. They provide NDT, survey and ROW acquisitions and are well known for their precision, trustworthy employees and well-managed establishment. 

As a new company, Pan-Op was starting from scratch. They came to Back40 needing a new logo and website.

Logo Design

In the oil & gas industry, your reputation is everything. As a part of our step-by-step process, we started the design by surveying Pan-Op about who they are as a company, their company goals, what they want their logo to accomplish and the primary usage of their logo. During this process, we discovered that Pan-Op was wanting a logo that expressed their ethics and experience rather than what the company did. It needed to be strong, recognizable and unique so that it would separate them from their competition. 

This led us to design a logo with hard edges and corners to show boldness, masculinity and confidence. The logo contains a red arrow within the “O” to symbolize that a project begins and ends with them. The arrow connects the full spectrum of a project that Pan-Op completes. The red and black color scheme conveys the power, energy, and confidence of the new company and its team.

Brand Design

Print Design

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. As a part of the branding process, we also designed letterhead, business cards and mocked up other materials that the company could use as they are out in the field and working with their customers.

Print Design

Web Design

After creating the company logo, the project proceeded into custom and responsive web design. The goals of Pan-Op's new website include:

  • Showcasing the multiple services they offer
  • Representing their ethics and experience
  • A professional design that symbolizes confidence and integrity
Web Design

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