EveryDay Earth

EveryDay Earth is a program created by the Oklahoma Geological Foundation and Esteem Interactive Learning. It’s the first complete “classroom-in-a-box” Earth Science Education (STEM) course, based in Oklahoma, by Oklahomans for Oklahoma’s K-12 STEM teachers. The course features several learning modules that cover a variety of Earth Science topics that make it possible for students to explore Oklahoma from the classroom.

The EveryDay Earth program is available to public school teachers through sponsorship. Esteem hopes to make the program available to the general public and to the homeschool community in the future.

When Esteem came to Back40, they were struggling to manage the EveryDay Earth through a very restrictive Learning Management Software that simply wasn’t conducive to how teachers were really using the courses to teach their students. Esteem needed a new website that will allow them greater flexibility to add content and provide a simpler user flow for teachers and students.

Services Included

  • JavelinCMS Development
  • Web Design
Everyday Earth

Web Design

We had three goals with the EveryDay Earth website project:

  • Design and develop a modern and easy-to-use website that will enable Esteem to more easily update content and control how it looks.
  • Create a custom programming feature that allows interested participants to sign up for EveryDay Earth, gain access to the course, and allow website admins an easier way to add new modules as they are available.
  • Reorganize and reformat content so that it’s more engaging and provides a more logical flow for the user.

The new website design incorporates photos of various Oklahoma geology married together with elements from the actual course videos. The design had to appeal to parents and teachers but also to students that would be taking the course – and be fun!

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Everyday Earth

Custom Functionality

Behind the design, custom development powers the courses. The intuitive user flow guides teachers and students through each course module and lesson. Users can easily progress at their own pace while taking part in the suggested experiments along the way.

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